Write a slideshow screen saver using System.Drawing with transitions

I am new to VB.NET and would like to learn about the System.Drawing.*
I would like to do this by creating my own slide show screen saver using images from chosen directories and using transitions between slides.  What I think I need to know how to do is:

1. Get an image ( as many types as possible, .gif, .jpg, .png, etc)
2. Scale to full screen without distortion and using anti-aliasing
3. Display by transitioning from previous image (or black screen if this is the first)
4. Repeat at interval
5. quit when mouse moves or key is pressed

If you could show me a simple transition, I could figure out how to do more.

I would also like to be able to do a confiuration screen and preview, like in most screen savers
Any help to get me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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Here is where I found good examples for getting started in VB.Net
Where is some System Drawing apps inside the samples


Link for ASP programs...


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glover110697Author Commented:
I found the screen saver example in the 101samples file, but it seems to have two projects.  I assume I only need the one with the frmOptions.vb, frmScreenSaver.vb, and Options.vb.  I am not sure what the other one does.

The project does not show how to do "Preview" nor does it show how to display an image or transition to a new image.  It draws random ellipses or rectangles on a screen.
The frmMain is for installing your screen saver. The preview is in your Control panel display properties
where you can set the settings and preview. This is standard on all PC's.
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glover110697Author Commented:
The preview I am talking about is in the small window on the screen save saver tab.  This is not addressed in the MS example.  I realize the other preview is just an execution of the screensave code.
The other items in my question have still not been addressed.
glover110697Author Commented:
I really would like to get some pointers on how to create this screen saver.  I have the code displaying pictures in a given directory, but I still do not know how to do a transition from one to the other.  Right now I am just cycling thru them and diplaying each in turn.  Is there some way I could increase the points for this question to get an answer?  I gave it as high a point value as the system allowed when I first posted.
glover110697Author Commented:
I am closing this question and will award the promised points.  Istill do not believe the question I asked was fully answered.
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