code for button that will open OLE object for editing

Hi All,
I'm looking for some code to assign to a button that will open an embedded MS Word object for editing. Most people will have the form that contains the button and OLE object opened in Read mode rather then Edit mode when they click on it.
Object class: Word.Document.8
Name: MSWordDoc
This is strickly an internal database that will be accessed with the Notes client so it doesn't need to be web friendly.

appreciate any help
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Use NotesEmbeddedObject.Activate method to open the ole obj

To get the handl of EmbeddedObject use NotesRichTextItem.EmbeddedObjects Array and loop thru the list of objects and activate


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If the OLE object is the first thing selected on the form then @Command([ObjectOpen]) will work.  Of course, users can just double-click the object to open it -- you will get a message that says the object can't be saved back to Notes because it is not being edited.

Sometimes users can't tell that there is an OLE object present.  @Command([ViewShowObject]) causes Ntes to display the object border in read mode, the same as it usually displays in eidt mode.
manta357Author Commented:
qwaletee -that's pretty much how it is now, the problem is some users get confused between opening a record and having it open for editting, and it needs to be in edit mode so they can save changes (if they make them) to the embedded Word object. I'm trying to simplify it for them: open record - click button - make changes.

Hemanth -I'm still a newbie to lotusscript, but that gives me some commands and a direction to look into. Let me poke around with it abit and post back.
Example in help doc will help u get started
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