Pioneer DVD-RW burning REALLY slow

I have just installed a Pioneer DVD-RW (DVR-108) into my Dell Dimension 4500.  (2.53Ghz, 512ram)  

This system came stock with a 4x DVD burner made by NEC.  The stock burner burned fine at up to 4x.

My new burner is rated up to 16x, although no media is available at that level yet.  It should burn current 8x media at 8x though.

Problem:  I'm trying to burn DVD's with this new drive on 4x Memorex media.  This media burned just fine at 4x in the stock drive.  When I try to burn in the new Pioneer, it starts off burning quickly (Roxio says from 7x-12x), but then slows down quite considerably to only 2x!  It stays at 2x for probably 5 minutes, then goes up to 7x-12x again for a bit, then back to 2x.

Any ideas on what's going on?
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi siteup,

Looks to me like DMA isn't enabled. Please check the Device manager.
Right-click on the IDE channel that the drive is connected to and choose properties.
Then, look at the "Advanced settings" tab.
Make sure the drive is set to "DMA if available"

(this is assuming you're using win2k or winXP)


siteupAuthor Commented:
DMA is enabled on both of the IDE channels.  This drive is on the secondary IDE channel and it shows under advanced settings its current transfer mode as "Ultra DMA Mode 4"
siteupAuthor Commented:
FYI, drive is connected to same IDE as the previous 4x drive was.  (just swapped them)
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did u try to change the Recording Speed in Roxio to 4x or 8x manually not expecting it to burn at Max 16X... I have experienced that sometimes Roxio switches to lowest (Safest) burn speeds if the Media cannot be written at the Max recorder speed due to Media/Buffer/Processor limitations.

Try setting a slower speed of recording and see the behaviour.


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siteupAuthor Commented:
I set it to 4x and that worked - it burned at 4x.  The only problem is then, we got this drive b/c it is known to push up the burn rate a little beyond the media limits.  So, ppl report getting 7x out of a 4x disc and 10x out of an 8x disc.  But if I use this solution, Roxio limits the burn rate to 4x.
Can you try it with nero maybe?
or try it on another system to check if it displays the same behaviour
Dear Siteup,

The recording speed I beleive in ur case is limited by the Media only. Try a different media preferably higher speed and set a little higher recording speed instead of Roxio decide the recording speed.

anyways, if ur burner now burns at 4x which is ur Media speed instead of earlier 2x , I beleive u should be quite contend with it.. :)

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