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I have a law firm client, that has the need to have about 3-4(max simultaneous) remote users.
They have a Windows 2003 server with a linksys RV082 router connected to partial T1.
They will need to gain remote access to their workstation to use mostly MS office functions, including Exchange.
They recently got another bid that included terminal services. However, I would like to offer them another alternative that is just as good, but at a better price.

I'm not familiar enough with remote access, other than say PCAnywhere. Some other options would be nice. Thanks.
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The best stuff is Windows remoter desktop/terminel services. It fast works with windows xp and 2000

Comes with windows 2003 and 2000  server.
You already have the VPN Router (RV082)... so the only thing left for you to do is install Terminal services on your 2003 server, and use the XP Remote desktop application to connect to the server. Once the VPN Connection will be done, the only thing you will have to do is type in the IP of the server in the Remote Desktop application, and voila. you'll be ready to go..

You got everything to make it free!

If you have other OS then XP, you will have to download the client from microsoft's site.. it is free:

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