Show decimal places in Crystal Reports

I'm using Crystal Reports 8.5
I have a number field that can have a varying # of decimal places.
For example the field could be:


The maximum a # could be is: 999.999999 it can never be 1000.

In reality the # of decimal places can vary to be any #...

I want to show 6 decimal places.
If there are not 6 decimal places I want to show only 4.
I could make the data in the database have only 6 or 4 decimal places if that could help in a solution.

I have a formula that I thought would do it, but unfortunately I can't format the maximum #, the formula becomes invalid for that 6th decimal point, it only works till 5 decimal points, and I'm not quite sure why...
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Hello DeeL9,

How is the field defined in the database?

DeeL9Author Commented:
It is stored as a NUMBER in an Oracle Database.
Have you used the Crystal format then set the number of places using a formula?

What is wrong with your method?

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SO you want to determine the number of decimal places that exist in a number in that database field and then force either 4 or 6 places to be displayed?

Add that database field to the report.
Right click the field and choose Format Field.
Click the number tab, then the Customize button.
Click the X+2 button to the right of Decimals.
In the editor, you can use a formula like this:

if int({table.field}*10000) = {table.field}*10000 then

Save and Close.

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DeeL9Author Commented:
Describe what you mean?
Format it to what and use what formula?

Essentially if the # in the database is 123.4567 i want it to display 123.4567
If the # is 123.456789, I want to show 123.456789.
If the # is 1.2 I want it to show as 1.2.
If the # is 1.234001 I want to show 1.234001... etc.

toText doesn't work, because it rounds...
Here is one way ot od it:
Quote from original Q.
"I want to show 6 decimal places.
If there are not 6 decimal places I want to show only 4."

Have the rules changed?

DeeL9Author Commented:
No they have not, I'm in the process of testing.
Though, I think I will up the points because I may have another question.
I think bdreed's way is working.

I'll get back.
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