Turning machines

Hi Experts,

            Does anyone know a link to a site that will teach me about turning machines so that i can answer the following questions:

 (1) Draw the transition diagram for the following TM, called ADD1 :-
{s0, 0, 1, halt}
{s0, 1, 2, halt}
{s0, 2, 3, halt}
{s0, 3, 4, halt}
{s0, 4, 5, halt}
{s0, 5, 6, halt}
{s0, 6, 7, halt}
{s0, 7, 8, halt}
{s0, 8, 9, halt}
{s0, 9, 0, s1}
{s1, 0, <--, s0}
{s0, _, 1, halt}         [the underbar represents a Space character]

(2) Explain briefly what ADD1 does.

(3) Draw diagrams to show how ADD1 works on the tape, with a diagram for each stage of the operation. Include examples to show how the s1 state is used.

(4) Suppose you had other TMs called SUB1, SKIP_LEFT and SKIP_RIGHT, that move left and right (respectively) to the next number on the tape in either direction. By using these four TMs as sub-machines, and with any extra TM code you need, write a loop that would add together two decimal numbers on a tape, separated by a space. Show your solution as a diagram.
Advanced Activities

(5) Write a DUP submachine, that will duplicate a binary number on the top of the stack. For example, if the stack is "110 1011", then after DUP the stack will contain "110 1011 1011". Use this to design a machine that multiplies decimal numbers by repeated addition and duplication. You may assume you already have a submachine to do binary addition.

Its revision time and i need to read up on turning machines fast.

Thanks, Chris.
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I assume you mean Turing machine, named after Alan Turing (http://www.turing.org.uk/turing/)...

Here's some info -
Turing machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_machine        <- good example here

Turing Machines in more detail:

More links can be found on Google.com, Altavista.com or (eeech) msn.search
- just note the spelling of TURING

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icb01co1Author Commented:
lol, yeah turning sorry
icb01co1Author Commented:
Doh, did it again: TURING
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