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I have a dynamically generated form that's being called from the database using ASP.  The amount of rows is dependent upon how many entries exist in the database.  In this form people will enter a meter amount and then a total amount (It's a utility database).  What I want to happen is the total amount to be added to a running Total Amount for the page.  I know this has to be a javascript function but I don't know how to go about doing it.  I've included some of the code...

<form action="Enter.asp?Search=1" method="post" name="Step2">
<input type="hidden" value="<%= Property %>" name="Property">
<table width="90%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center">
      <td width="35%" valign="top" align="left" class="newstext"><% IF icount = 0 then %><b><%= objRS("Service Address") %></b><br><%= objRS2("Account Number") %><% Else %>&nbsp;<% End IF %></td>
      <td width="15%" align="center" class="normal"><%= objRS2("Meter Number") %></td>
      <td width="10%" align="center" class="normal">Gas</td>
      <td width="20%" align="center" class="normal"><input type="text" class="normal" name="Used<%= var %>" size="4" maxlength="4"></td>
      <td width="20%" align="center" class="normal">$<input type="text" class="normal" name="Total<%= var %>" size="6" maxlength="6"></td>
icount = icount + 1
icount = 0
var = var + 1
      <td width="100%" colspan="5" class="normal" align="center"><hr></td>

'  Lots more here ... blah blah blah

      <td width="15%" colspan="4" align="center" class="newstext"><b><%= Property %> Grand Total:</b></td>
      <td width="15%" align="center" class="newstext">$<input type="text" name="GrandTotal" class="normaltxt" size="5" maxlength="5" readonly></td>

How to I get the Grand Total column to add dynamically with each Total entry?

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please post some sample generated html
BSitkoAuthor Commented:
Address Meter # Type Therm/Kwh Total
22024-00013                              N/A         Electric  $ _______
                                                503585     Gas       $ _______

09606-56017                             N/A          Electric    $______

72024-08014                             N/A          Electric    $______
                                                233236     Gas         $______


GRAND TOTAL                                                        $_________

Note the underlined areas are actually textboxes.
Online example:

For this example, you must apply the ID attribute to all your total fields, from total1, total2, so on, and the ID of grandtotal to where you want the answer to go.  Then assign the onkeyup events to each of the total fields.

function updateTotal() {
      var el=true, total=0;
      for(var i=1; true; i++) {
            if (!el) break;
      var tot=document.getElementById("grandtotal");

<input id="total1" onkeyup="javascript:updateTotal();"><br>
<input id="total2" onkeyup="javascript:updateTotal();"><br>
<input id="total3" onkeyup="javascript:updateTotal();"><br>

<input id="grandtotal" readonly="readonly">


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BSitkoAuthor Commented:
Some tweaks (the ID thing) and it works perfectly.  THANKS!
BSitko , I meant the actual HTML that the ASP sends down to a page , run an example and post the HTML source of the page generated
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