NOD32 vs. Norton Corporate vs. ???

We are looking to purchase antivirus software for 55 machines.  We also need an exchange agent.  

1. We are looking at NOD32 and Norton corporate.  Anyone familiar with both products and some pros/cons?  We just want protection, and managability for the most part.  

2. Up until we can license either NOD32 or Norton corporate(March 05 budget), we need to utilize free antivirus software.  So far we have been using AVG free edition and it has served it's purpose. Any other software that might be better for us that we don't have to pay for, or is AVG the best free version?

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1. We are looking at NOD32 and Norton corporate.  Anyone familiar with both products and some pros/cons?  We just want protection, and managability for the most part.  

Nod32 is now (ass I see) the best antivirus that´s on the market for several reasons. Nod32 has more compatibility with virus than Norton. When we talk about compatiblity we say that Nod32 is more secure in deleting viruses. Other thing is that Nod32 is updating their database at least once in the day, and your program upgrade without asking, and without the accion of going to the liveupdate as Norton. We must remember that the live update is not only a boder thing for an Antivuris, but also upgrades between 3 to 7 days per week.
Another thing to take into account. If you configure your Nod32 ass it must be configured you will not have to boder in making stupid desicions ass "This is a virus, what shall I do?".....cause Nod32 delete the virus directly without given you the chance to pick the button "ignore and open" that in the case of Norton is quite common.
Anotherthing is that the resources that Nod32 needs are 8 time less than the Norton, so the machine will work better not only on the start of windows but on the time you use the machines.
Nod32 on other way have the heuristics scan more well performed than Norton, you´ll see that when virus are unkown you´ll get a lot of information about the file you´re oppening, so in this way you´ll be more secure.
The last thing I´ll compare is when talking about e-mail viruses, Norton does not delete the virus in the code, the delete the file but not the code, and if I send you 300 viruses at least 2 are going to arrive and infect your PC, but on the other hand, Nod32 is abel to delete the file, the code and proccess up to 600 viruses at the same time, and delete them all (this is a test I have made).

I was a norton man as many others, but when I knew Nod32 I have realize that someone is thinking right by making an Antivurs that protects you!

In order of your second answer....... If you are using AVG free edition just because you can´t buy yet the nod32 I´ll think that it´s ok, you could try with karpensky but it too many job for almost the same thing. Keep AVG for the while.

Hope I was usefull


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NOD32 is much better than norton for only one reason:
NOD32 takes almost no resources, while norton sucks up whatever resources it can
with every operation it needs to do.
Sending email with a 4MB file can take up to 20min with norton, when NOD takes about 15sec.

On all other things I think they are almost equal.
They both detect just about the same amount of viruses, both miss some that the other would detect.
1) NOD32 vs. Norton Corporate Edition
I have experience with both. We're using Norton in our company(i'm newbie there - wasn't my idea) and I tried NOD32 at home. NOD32 seems to be much more efficient and faster. As said above - much faster for emails :)  NOD32 is a winner. Never had a virus it didn't catch. Has 3 RT deamons - one for emails and internet, one for file scanning and one for document scanning(Word, Excel, etc.).

Try thist link:

It's a VB100 award. NOD32 was the only in-the-wild unbeaten software. There's more good AV to compare.

2) free Anti-Virus
You might take a look at Avast! -

As far as i know, it's equivalent to AVG (efficiency). There's a free version, but it needs obtaining new free licence key every year.
Forgot something about Norton Corp. ;)
Installation is quite easy, deploying even easier. Had no problems with it. Setup one server w/liveupdate and then deploy consoles over the network and your done.
Didn't quarantine all the virii and i had to clean them manually(virii hotfixes, etc.). But really a few of them. Otherwise acceptable AV software made by senior pros.
Bruce CorsonPresidentCommented:
ESET NOD32 is great; does the job and doesn't suck up the resources as Norton does. One metric I use on slow machines is to measure the time from pushing the on button to surfing the net. One client's XP Pro machine was taking 6.5 minutes. I removed Norton, put on NOD32, and now the time is 65 seconds!

However, the more important, less obvious reason is this: their customer service in San Diego answers the phone, speaks English like Americans, and solves the problems. Invaluable. I had a problem with a virus on a business machine WITH A NORTON CONTRACT and it took over 24 hours to get someone on the phone.

I have no relationship to ESET other than having sold and installed over 150 copies of NOD32 to consumers plus a couple small business installations.
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