Get the ASCII value for a number

I am looking for a way to get the ASCII value for a passed number.  Meaning i need to know what the ASCII value of "375" would be.

I think that it would mean getting the value for each number and then adding them together.  Do anybody have any examples of how to do this with visual basic?

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Hi Mike_Stevens,

"375" does not have an ASCII value.  
Each character of the string ('3', '7', and '5') has an ASCII value.
They are 51, 55, and 53, respectively.

Adding those number does not give the ASCII value of "375".

What are you trying to accomplish?

You can get the ASCII value of any character by using the Asc() function.
e.g.  debug.print asc("3")
prints 51

how about this ?

MsgBox Asc("ascii number")

kevin rea
David LeeCommented:
I agree with what bkt said.  Still, if you want to add up ASCII values of each character position, then here's a way:

    strnumber = "375"
    For intPosition = 1 To Len(strnumber)
        intValue = intValue + Asc(Mid(strnumber, intPosition, 1))
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Mike_StevensAuthor Commented:
I am trying to beat the sorting a recordset by a number value problem.  When i sort the recordset on the existing number value it is sorted as follows:

....and so on

I thought by getting the ascii value for the number is could sort the recordset based on that.  However, getting the ascii value for each number position on "375" does not work like i had hoped.  Any ideas on sorting a recordset on a number value that will sort correctly?

Is the number saved in a text field?

If so, in your SQL statement, you should be able to convert the string number to
an actual number.  Then the sorting would work properly.

In SQL Server, I'd do something like this:

SELECT CAST(SortField AS int) as SortFieldNum
FROM tablename
ORDER BY SortFieldNum

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David LeeCommented:
I don't know that this'll work with sorting a recordset, but when working with numbers it's always handy to make them all the same length by padding them with zeros to a certain length.  Here's a function that'll do that.  

Private Function StringZero(strValue As String, intPadLength As Integer) As String
    Dim intValLength As Integer
    strValue = Trim(strValue)
    intValLength = Len(strValue)
    If intValLength > intPadLength Then
        StringZero = strValue
        StringZero = String(intPadLength - intValLength, "0") & strValue
    End If
End Function
you can do something like

select number from yourtable order by val(number)
You need to have your values stores as numbers, integers, double, long, etc.  Then it will sort correctly.

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