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Support on network hardware

We got a quote from a reseller for some 3Com 4400 switches among other items. It included 8x5 support of $260.00 per switch per year. Does this seem a bit expensive for a peice of hardware with almost no moving parts? How long will 3Com cover the switch directly.

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It may seem high on the onset, but if it includes technical support as well as hardware support it not out of the norm. These things are not toasters, and having qualified technical people on hand to support them is not cheap. If you are familiar with that kind of equipment you can forgo a support contract, if you are not get one on at lest one of the switches, as there is not way for them to really know which one they are supporting on the other end of the phone. I think the warranty by the way the the hardware is a year, but it you want to be sure you can always contact 3Com and get it from the horses mouth.
The 8x5 support per switch is about the norm per switch with 3com depending on what you have. I would recommended keeping or purchasing the support, due to the fact if your switch fails and the warranty has expired, at least they'll be able to replace the switch instead of purchasing a new switch. We have a lot of 3com switches and I've had replaced quit a few of them in the past six months. The bottom line is the support contract has saved us lots of $ in replacement switches.
That cost is not out of the norm, but is extremely high for something that only retails for $1000.
Suggest you look at the Adtran Netvanta 1000 product line. 5 full year warranty, zero extra charge for support for life, including all firmware upgrades. Beats paying 3Com extra money. Adtran List price = $795

Another product to consider is Cisco. Their switches carry a limited lifetime warranty, so if one ever goes bad it will be replaced (you might have to send yours in first, then when they receive it, they will send you a replacement)
Cisco list price is only $995, 1 year of 8x5xNBD support is only $75
Who says Cisco can't compete on price.  I'd take this unit any day over any 3Com product.


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