I have an input of a numericupdowncontrol and two of groupsof radiobuttons:
Radio button group1(Credits)
rad1 = +0
rad2 =+3
rad3 = +5
Radio button group2(Penalties)
rad4 = +0
rad4 = -5
rad4 = automatic 0 score
And my output grade is(textbox)(button Compute)
A=> 90
B =[80..89]
C =[70..79]
D =[60..69]
F =[0..59]
I can calculate the first group of radio buttons usingt if and then button click procedure but cant add the second group of radio buttonsto the final answer.also the grade  how do you code if final grade = 80..89 then etc. thanks i  i really appreciate your help
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Can you post your code, please?
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Yes...since this is definitely a homework assignment we need to see what work you have done already.

Barako2Author Commented:
Button click Event
i can calculate it using atextbox as an input but dont know a numeric up down control  
Test Score = TextBox1.Text
Dim RoughGrade As Double
If radio Button1 checked = True Then
RoughGrade TextBox1.Text + 0
If RadioButton2 checked = True Then
RoughGrade =TextBox1Text + 3
If RadioButton3 checked = True Then
RoughGrade = TextBox1Text + 5
I think this is wrong

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Is this what you are trying to do?

    Private Function CalcGrade() As String
        Dim RoughGrade As Integer

        If RadioButton1.Checked Then
            RoughGrade += 0
        End If
        If RadioButton2.Checked Then
            RoughGrade += 3
        End If
        If RadioButton3.Checked Then
            RoughGrade += 5
        End If
        If RadioButton4.Checked Then
            RoughGrade += 0
        End If

        Dim Grade As String
        Select Case RoughGrade
            Case Is >= 90
                Grade = "A"
            Case Is >= 80
                Grade = "B"
            Case Is >= 70
                Grade = "C"
            Case Is >= 60
                Grade = "D"
            Case Else
                Grade = "F"
        End Select
        Return Grade
    End Function

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Barako2Author Commented:
yeah somewhat like that but i cant add the other group of radio buttons by the way i forgot the labels
Extra credit
None = 0 points
Average = 3 points
Above average = 5 points
On Time= 0 penalty
2 days late= 5 point penalty
2+ days late= 0 grade
What do you mean you can't add the other group of radio buttons?
Barako2Author Commented:
since each group of radio buttons is in a group box.
Tips:Declare global variables by placingthe Dim statement outside all methods
*gdbExtraCredit: to remember how much extra-credit should be given
*gdbLate: remember how much late penalty should be taken off depending on wheteher its on time, 1-2 days late or more than 2 days late
*For each radio button, code a sub that handles the checkedchanged event
   for example:
Private sub
gdblate = -5
>Use a group of radiobutton controls to determine the grade on extra credit
>Use a second group of radio buttons to determine whether a student handed in the assignment on time with the default on time . the other choices are 1-2 days late (5 point penalty)
 and more than 2 days late( automatic score of zero)
> display the final total grade in a read-only textbox control. Use global variables to keep track of which radio button control is checked before determining the final grade.

Barako2Author Commented:
When i debug the program i cant select aradio button in the second group
Can you show us your code?  It is hard to guess what your project looks like.  Does the second group have a different name from the first group?
Barako2Author Commented:
i tried your code its the same thing. Yes groupbox1 and groupbox2
Barako2Author Commented:
If you want ill e-mail you the user interface so you can see how it works
Barako2Author Commented:
Thanks i Finally figured it out
Barako2Author Commented:
There was extra code thats why the second group of buttonscant be accessed. Thank you very much platinumBay . Ill accept your answer.
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