Cannot access internet when connecting with Wireless

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Have a native mode 2000 domain. Recently configured wireless. All wireless clients can connect and are authenticated with RADIUS and that is working fine they can access all network resources. ( I am using  PEAP).However we access the internet through a proxy server and the service is provided by a third party. Wired users can hit the proxy and will recieve the password prompt. Wireless users however will not hit the proxy for some reason. The proxy ip and port is configured in users Internet explorer properties for LAN settings. ** there is a note that the proxy settings will not apply to dial and VPN users***. Does anyone know where I could configure a setting for my wireless users to obtain the proxy info they need for geeting on to the internet proxy.....
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check your AP, make sure it has the appropriate routes or default gateways configured to hit the external (i'd assume external?) address.  If it's an internal proxy, dunno, update us.
cfeekeAuthor Commented:
Little tricky but here goes. The proxy server is within a larger network that we are a part of... So we have a bunch of subnets allocated to us and the proxy server resides on another server with  172.x.x.x network. We are using Cisco aironet 1200. When I set up the network as unsecured there was no problem getting to the proxy server and that is why I was thinking that perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was using Dynamic WEP/PEAP. I have added a static on the access point and still no joy...
Can the wireless device/laptops ping the proxy server? for example, if the address of the proxy server is and the address of the notebook is, the notebook is still able to ping If not, then I'd agree with zerofield, there is not gateway configured on the AP.
If you can ping the proxy server, you still need to put the proxy address in your browser (IE or whatever) under connection settings. Hope this helps.
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I would try a tracert to the proxy ip from one of the wireless clients, that might give you some more info.
Could it be be that the AP is adding a hop to the route?
cfeekeAuthor Commented:
Tracert to the proxy does not even do a first hop. Additioonaly now I have noticed that wireless clients cannot ping any servers located on differents subnets. They obtain a 172.27.136.X address and the Access Point has a 172.27.135.X address and the clients can see all servers on these subnets but not on any others like 172.27.X.X. So any ideas. Is it DNS or do I need to be adding static routes to the AP.......
Have you got the dhcp server running on the AP?
And what netmask are the clients getting?
It is a gateway issue, I think.
the wireless clients are not getting the right gateway (which from your description should be the AP, as it is on a different subnet) , or the AP itself  is not set up for the right gateway.

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