Win2000 Dhcp Alcatel Sppedtouch Router, Tcp< Question

I am using Win2000 pro, a network of 10 computers, an ADSL Connection( Alcatel Speedtouch Pro,Modem/Router)
The addressing on all the computers is set to automatic (ie no fixed computer addresses).
I use an Ftp connection on one of the computers, which transfers a "large amount of data" , in both directions.
I also have several  computers connected to the internet at the same time.
Most of the time, all works perfectly. BUT on the odd day, data being downloaded via the ftp connection disappears

Could this be
The fact i do not have fixed ip addresses
A dhcp problem.  How do i check there is only 1 dhcp server" ,,,,make the adsl the dhcp server? or is this not the problem
Could it be just the adsl connection

Hard to know where to look when it only happens occassionaly.

I am mainly looking for some experts help, in pointing me in a possible direction to solve the problem.

regards  robneil1
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Assume that your Alcatel is providing IP's to your computers.  If you haven't set up computer to be a dhcp server, then none of the computers shouldn't be acting as one.  Check your Alcatel documentation to see how it applies dhcp to the internal network.  You probably want to set up a reservation of the server that does the ftp, that way the dhcp server will always give the same IP to that server.  You'll probably need to know the MAC addr. of the server's NIC as the reservation generally is mapped IP to MAC addr.

I've seen a lot of those alcatel speedtouch routers, not the best of all routers, i must say... I don't think that downloading stuff fro the inet has got anything to do with internal ip addressing. Normally (if your router isn't firewalling) the internal ip address the pc has been givven wil be translated to an external ip address (static routers external ip address). So it doesn't care which machine transfers what data at any given time..

If this is the other way around (getting data from your site using FTP) then ocon is right, you will need to create a reservation for one machine and create a static NAT rule on the router that points to this machine...


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robneil1Author Commented:
Thanks for you help
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