JSCRIPT - how to get the JSCRIPT to exit?

What is the syntax to get the JSCRIPT to exit ?

I tried this  and it works on Windows 2000 server but on Windows 2003 it just hangs ...

Wscript.Exit( 0)

Please advise what to do to get the script to exit on Windows 2003 machine.

Eagerly awaiting a response ..

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exit what?
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
That is not a valid Method call: Wscript.Exit( 0)

You can Exit a loop, a function, a sub or a block of code.
Therefore you should create a Sub for the main exution block and exit that sub block if you want to exit main statements block.

sdesarAuthor Commented:
I have a JSCRIPT code - organise.js  the has this line

</OrganiseUsers>   // this is the end of the script.

In Windows 2002 when I run from the command line it exits fine -
the end tag gets printted on the command line and I get the

c:\> prompt.

But in Windows 2003 Server the  organise.js script runs and it
hangs at  -

and NO c:\prompt.

How can I get the csript to exit the cscript ?

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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
This not a JavaScript statement:

Show please the complete script.
Windows Script Host  

Quit MethodSee Also
Sleep Method

Applies To: WScript Object
Forces script execution to stop at any time.

WScript object.
Optional. Integer value returned as the process's exit code. If you do not include the intErrorCode parameter, no value is returned.
The Quit method can return an optional error code. If the Quit method is the final instruction in your script (and you have no need to return a non-zero value), you can leave it out, and your script will end normally.

The following JScript code snippet quits execution and returns an error code of 1:

WScript.Quit (1);

// This line of code is never executed.
var i = 0;

Again, MSDN2003:
Windows Script Host  

WScript Object Properties and MethodsProperties
Arguments Property
BuildVersion Property
FullName Property
Interactive Property
Name Property
Path Property
ScriptFullName Property
ScriptName Property
StdErr Property
StdIn Property
StdOut Property
Version Property

ConnectObject Method
CreateObject Method
DisconnectObject Method
Echo Method
GetObject Method
Quit Method
Sleep Method

as you see, there is no "Exit" method in the reference dated by 2003 :(

in plain english: WScript.Quit(1);

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