Trouble Listing OS X Computer under Server 2003 Domain

When I was using NT server, I could get my mac to list on my domain "DIGITAL"

This is not a file sharing issue, its getting it to list under the network directory.  The new domain under server 03 is "company.local" (company is actually the name of my company, but we wil lcall it that for annonomy reasons).

It still is being listed under DIGITAL, while all other computer are under company.local

I have changed the SMB workgroup to "Company" so I can see and share files with others on the network

Directory access wont let me set up the AD settings, "invalid forest domain combination...blah blah"  I dont have a forest name, only company.local...

Any thoughts?

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Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:
Firstly, which version of OS X are you using (I would assume Panther but because of the major differences between the versions it's helpful to know).

PacFuAuthor Commented:
Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:
This could be a silly question but it's worth checking - under Sharing in the System Preferences, what domain name is displayed next to the computer name (by the Edit... button)?
PacFuAuthor Commented:
go find one of your AD admins and have him/her help you with the AD binding in Directory Access... you maybe don't have Domain Admin rights to join your machine to the domain.

if you're still getting invalid domain errors then you get to go down the long road of confirming that DNS is properly happening on your network...

btw there was all that stuff earlier this year about not being able to bind into "xxx.local" domains because ".local" was not really a valid domain naming entry... i think that got fixed with 10.3.4 or .5 or something so it may not be a problem for you

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