Best VB.NET-to-C# Book

I have been programming in mostly VB.NET for the past couple of years.  I have lots of experience in Windows apps, web apps using ASP.NET, .NET Web Services, threading, even a little .NET Remoting.  I have both my MCAD and MCSD certifications in .NET.

I want to start making a move from VB.NET to C#.  I know that nothing works like experience, but I am posting here to ask for the best book for those in my situation--needing to merely move from one syntax to another.

Note that I do NOT need a book on "How to Program in C#".  That's going to spend a lot of time talking about the .NET Framework, and that's not what I need.

I need a book that targets VB.NET programmers and highlights the syntactical differences in the two languages.  Anything that talks about looping or try-catch blocks or anything like that is NOT what I need.  I need a book tailored for those in my situation.

Remember the Ira Pohl book, "C++ for C Programmers"?  That book targeted not those who were just new to C++ or to programming at all, but specifically targeted folks with a background in C.  That's the equivalent of what I need--a book that targets programmers with a specific background.

There are tons and tons of VB.NET folks out there, and there have to be many like me who want to really move into using C# as our primary language.  The syntax is not terribly daunting to us--we write tons of JavaScript and such--but it's just not what we work in, day in and day out.  We use AddHandler, for instance.  We don't even know what the equivalent is for this in C#, but we want to.  We want C# to be second nature to us.  What's a great book for that?

Thanks very much.

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brykerAuthor Commented:
Yep, I've ordered that one, and it's on its way.  But it looks to me like it's a good *reference*, and not much of a *tutorial*, right?

Yeah, but if you already know VB.NET and the fundamentals of programming, you should be able to read through it and be fine, or at least, that's what I hope.  I'm coming from C#/C/C++ and I'm assuming this book should be sufficient.  
  Just check the info. about the book in the following link.

brykerAuthor Commented:


Very, very sorry.  Completely forgot about this question.

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