Outlook 2003 Changing the ordering of Address List under my contact.

Hello Again,

This is a kind of repost to my original question because nobody really answered my question.  I am 99% positive that there is a solution to this problem and I am looking forward to find it out.  Today, I spent way too long on this problem and won't give up until I find a solution.

Please, Please    ONLY RESPOND IF YOU ARE USING OL 2003 or you are an EXPERT in OL 2003.  Lets not waste time by repeating same thing all over again.  also before replaying please check

Symptom of a Problem,
Lets for the sake of example say I created Bellsouth email account.  By the default OL 2003 will create Personal Folder and all the subfolders in it.  Among which is “contact” folder.  Let’s say I created another address list named “contact 1” under Personal Folders.  Ok now I have two address lists under Personal Folders.  One is contact (default) and the other one is “contact 1”.   This means when I open OL 2003 and click Contacts under my contact pane two address lists display:  “contact” (default) and “contact1”.   By default “contact's” content on the right hand side displays first.  I want to reverse this, I want “contact 1’s” content to display first when I open OL 2003.  Now here is what I have done I went to Tools -->Address Book --> Tools --> Options and under "Show this address list first" I have “contact1” to show first; however, when I restart OL 2003 click Contact still address list contact’s content displays first.  How do I reverse this problem.  It seems like when I make above mentioned change it should work; however, when I restart OL 2003 my changes have no effect.   Let's Figure this out guys.    

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The solution I gave you, (and you quoted above) really should work.  That is the setting that is MADE to do exactly what you are wanting to do.

I have used this many, many, many times and the only time it didn't work had to do with access rights.

When you made those changes, did you go back in to make sure they stayed changed?  

Did you log off the PC?  Maybe Outlook was still running even though you thought you closed it.

Do you have full access rights to the folder where your Outlook favorites, rules, etc are stored?

Do you have full access rights to the registry for this user so you can change the registry key for this feature?


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Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi Bengoa, There is no known way to replace the contacts folder, or any of Outlook's main folders as the default. If you were able to do this in XP, I'd like to know how!

You are able to control the order of the subfolders in the list alphabetically.

The "show this address list first" is ONLY for clicking in the TO button when addressing a message
Hope this helps
bengoaAuthor Commented:
Hey Nettes,

I have no idea why it does not work. It seems like it should work.  Hey Nettes do you have any type of messanger?  msn, yahoo....  etc.   if you do i'd like to talk to you on the messanger and pissibly after getting to know you let you connect to my machine and observe it yourselft.  Logicly your answer should resolve my problem but it does not.
Let me know as soon as you can.  or you can email me with your info at giooo309@yahoo.com  
best regards,

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