Blackberry Server: Pending email stuck on server / warning messages in the Event Viewer.

We have Blackberry Server and we have frequent problems with pending emails that are not getting sent and just sitting there stuck on the server. The only way we usually solve this is if we reboot the server. Just stopping and starting the BB services does not typically solve the problem. We have been rebooting the server almost ever other day recently. Then on the BlackBerry Server User stats it may "Time since last handheld contact": 1 day, 7 hours, 45 minutes.

The Blackberry device itself is working otherwise and we can browse the Internet, it just the email is getting stuck on our BlackBerry server as pending.

There are warning messages in the Application log of the  EventViewer, all of these errors messages start appearing one after another this morning:

20448  SaveServerPagerStats() failed 1 of 5 times in GlobalStatsThrea
20174 {} ReloadPagerStats() failed
20301 {} Unable to save configuration settings or statistics.
20174 {} ReloadPagerStats() failed
20301 {} Unable to save configuration settings or statistics.
20350 Unable to save configuration settings or statistics.
20265  {}  *** MAPI ***  MAPIMailbox::GetNewMovedMessages - GetContentsTable (0x80040115) failed.
20275 {} GetNewMovedMessages() failed
20174 {}  ReloadPagerStats() failed
20265 {}  *** MAPI ***  MAPIMailbox::GetNewMessages - GetContentsTable (0x80040115) failed.
20176 {} GetNewMessages() failed: ERR_NETWORK_PROBLEM

The BlackBerry software is installed on a SQL 2000, Windows 2000 Adv Server.

I appreciate if anyone can offer some help to our problem.
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This one is beyond my experience.  I would suggest you contact your service provider and have them get you to blackberry support.   If they solve this for you, please post the solution back to here for the benefit of others who may encounter the same problem.

Any number of possibilities here.....the last few error messages sound like you do not have a good connection between the BES and your exchange server.

Are you only running a single handheld with this BES.....if that's the case, I wouldn't assume that it is receiving email ok just because you are able to browse the internet from it.....the email service book may be corrupted.  I would try deleting the service book, turning the handheld off, then back on and reauthenticate with the network....that will force a download of a new service book.
fgastonAuthor Commented:
I read the PDF but since we have srevice pack 4 installed I don't think it applies. The Blackberry server is actually working and sending emails now (to all 4 BB Devices) - it started working last night. However, we are plagued with this reboot problem. We have TMobile service and calling them are not much help.... usually they would recommend resetting the BB device, but as far as anything more advanced they are useless. We don't have a support agreement on the BlackBerry server software itself.

Anyway, I haven't seen those warning messages in the event viewer since yesterday morning and there are no pending emails right now, but as I have indicated, usually the problem will come back. At best everything might work fine for a few days.

What does the first couple of warnings that I listed mean (I listed them in the order they appear in the eventviewer), such as Unable to save configuration settings or statistics.  What could be the cause of these errors?

Also on the BB Server (which is also a SQL server) we are having some harddrive space limitations, we have about 200- 600 meg of space. Could too little harddrive space interfer with the operation of the BB server?
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Too little hard drive space can affect any software that you have running.......other thing is that the BES likes lots of RAM....especially if you are running the attachment service.....depending on how many users you have, that should be a min of 1 gig and can easily make use of 2 gig.  If you are running other software on the same box, you could very well be overloading the hardware.

We also have Tmobile as our provider.  My experience is that you will get nowhere and end up deeply frustrated if you go through their regular customer service number.  Push your service rep to help.....and try calling 877.727.5742   ..........that's the direct number to Tmobiles customer care group, and they will hook you up with the Blackberry support group...people who actually know a bit about the product.....beyond "Have you tried a restart?"

In the end, you may have to call Blackberry (RIM) directly, and pay for a support call.

Sorry I can't be of more help on this one.
fgastonAuthor Commented:
We are not running anything else on the server besides SQL 2000. Is this is the recommended configuration, running BB Server on the same server as SQL 2000. Or should I have BB server on a separate server from the SQL Server.

We have 1 GIG memory, and the machine is dual 933 MHz P3 (so the server is quite old).
BES uses a sql database, so if you wern't running SQL 2000, it would install it's own version of MYSQL no bad news there.
A gig is about the minimum RAM.....but the processors are probabely adequate.....even P3s can hum when you have duals.  Probably not an equipment problem.
Did a search on all those errors and came up with nothing.....but they do look like they have something to do with your MAPI
connection to exchange.
Again, if this persists, you really need to get in touch with blackberry support.
good luck.

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If you are running BES for Microsoft Exchange, your problem sounds as though it may be a result of locked MAPI threads.  Do you notice the problem occuring during or after times that your exchange server has been down or unavailable for an extended period "a few hours or more".  If you have a large number of MAPI threads being locked, communication between your BES server and the Exchange server may not be occuring resulting in latency with message delivery.  A stop/re-start of services does not generally release locked/hung MAPI threads and most of the time does require a re-boot to release the threads, once the reboot is complete, all of the hung threads are released.

This is most likely what is occuring as you indicate that after a reboot ... everything works fine for a while, are your Exchange server's (assuming you are running Exchange and not Domino) remote or local to the location of your BES server? ... if they are remote, and you dont have great WAN links, the potential for hung mapi threads is high.

Look thru your event logs for error event ID's of:


If your seeeing lots of these events, you likely have a thread issue going on.

fgastonAuthor Commented:
fgastonAuthor Commented:
Yes, we are running BB for Exchange Server. We have Exchange 2003. Interestingly when first had reported this problem, we did reboot the Exchange server around the same time, but it wasn't down for more than 5 minutes.

 Regarding the EventID's listed I see two occurences of 20266 and 50020 in the event logs, and the time 3:14 and 3:47 AM last night. None of the other event ids are listed. However, there is no problem with the BB server right now and things have actually been better for the last week.
fgaston .... can this one be closed out ? .... are you still having issues?
fgastonAuthor Commented:
No idea how to close a question, but thank you anyway
fgastonAuthor Commented:
Close this question
I spoke to Blackberry support and they analyed our Application Event Log and
verified that these messages are due to a memory leak on the Blackberry Server.

A couple of key points to keep in mind:

We have Blackberry Server 4.0 running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition connected to Exchange 2003 also running on Windows 2003
Enterprise Edition..

Here is the URL:;en-us;887828

This path gets installed on the Blackberry server NOT on Exchange 20003.

If your implementation varies from BES 4.0 and Exchange 2003 I would recommend
you speak to Blackberry support regarding your particular implementation.

Hope this helps.
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