Windows 2000 Terminal Server restricted login hours

I need to be able to restrict a specific range of users from logging into this Terminal Server after 6PM.

I don't have Active Directory setup nor do I have any custom policies setup.

Is there a way that I can accomplish this restriction without a bunch of work?

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KaliKoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Joe,

The following freeware utility might be of use to you. I have never tried or tested this utility myself, but according to it, you can change all the settings of a terminal server using comand line. If this is true, then all you need to do is put these commands in for the particular users or groups you want to disable access to the terminal server after 6 PM and schedule this job to run at 6 PM. Here is the utility url:

Thanks and Good Luck!
There is a way, although I dont know how would you be able to automate this. Here is what you do:

- Go to the local user account you want to restrict access to, double click it and bring up its properties. Go to terminal services profile tab, there just check the checkbox that says "Allow login to terminal server" You have to do manually do this at 6 PM
- When you want to renable that users access, you need to go back in user properties again and allow this checkmark again.

The only thing is, I could not come up with a way to do this "checkbox change" from a command line. If we were to come up to, how to do this from a command line, then all you do is to make a batch file, schedule it to run using the normal Windows task scheduler at 6 PM and disable the account. Then another batch file would renable the "logging on to terminal server" functionality at a time of your choosing, and would run using windows task scheduler.

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