Weblogic's jar and application specific xml files

  I am new to weblogic.I have to deploy a webapplication given the jar files and xml files and war files.I deployed the war files  using the weblogic console and it was successful.Now i am given application.xml files and some jar files and asked them to copy(do not know where to copy?) so that i would be able to run the servlets  because if i run with out placing them at the approriate position then i am getting errors.I have application specific xml files.My applicationa are in user_projects\domains\mydomain\myserve/ and i can find the war files in upload folder here.Where i have to keep the xml files(application specific) and jar files ?

Thanks for your help
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Weblogic does not explode the whole ear file when u deploy from your console.. so you need to deploy it in an exploded format and then u can start putting in your changed xml's, java class files, jsp's .......

you can check this out for deploying it in exploded format


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You need to make sure that first your web application is packaged as exploded archive. Once you do that you need to upload the exploded archive to your weblogic server's directory.

This directory is chosen when you click on 'upload your file(s)' link   on your admin server console. Since, you seem to be using weblogic 8.1, select 'applications' directory(recommeded).  

Now, using the Deployment Assistant, locate the WAR file you would like to configure for use with WebLogic Server.

Note that WebLogic Server will deploy all components it finds in and below the specified directory.

Once you deploy the exploded WAR file, you should be able to see the exploded directory structure for your web application under  <<BEA_HOME>>\user_projects\domains\mydomain\applications location.

Also, you need to make sure that your application.xml file references the correct URI in refernce to this location.

koppchaAuthor Commented:
Hi tyags
  I deployed them successfully.What i am doing here is i am trying to set up environment in my localmachine and run the applications that are in production as .war files.For that i am given the war files,jar files and config xml files for applications.i deployed the war and jar files but i do not know how to use these application specific config files.My guess is i should some how either set in env.cmd or startweblogic.cmd.Please tell me how to do that.I got to do this immediately.

From what i understand is that you have components of an WAR file. You need to package all of these JARs/WARs and the XML files into a single deployable WAR file.

Use the following link to make sure that you get a packaged WAR file


easier still get a copy of WAR file deployed on your production and deploy it straight.

setDomainEnv.cmd and startWeblogic.cmd have nothing to do with your appliction xml files; you can set your server startup parameters like classpath, JVM settings etc using these script files.

Hope this helps.
koppchaAuthor Commented:
I am not sure if i am hitting the point correctly.This is my situation tyags....
I have written a JSP and i submitted to my PL.He said it should be have the same look and feel like other jsp's designed for the company.So he said if you set up the environment in your location machine and try out the applications in your location machine then you can fill the style sheets that you could you for your jsp.
      After that i am supposed to do all this stuff.one of my project lead said you have to set the path of the config files in setenv.cmd file with -D option.Do you have any idea what i am talking about.

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