Delete and create FAT32 and NTFS partitions

I'm currently using Win 98's fdisk to delete and create FAT32 partitions.  And I use GDISK to delete NTFS partitons.  As you know, Win 98 is so outdated now.  It is difficult for me to find Win 98 Boot Disk if I lost it.  

I wonder if there is other kind of software that can help me to create and delete FAT32 and NTFS partitions?  

Especially, is there any software that can create and delete NTFS partitions without getting into any NTFS OS.  

Moreover, I know there is different version of NTFS.  How can I create those partitions?

Thanks for all relies^_^  
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I would recommend Norton Partition Magic, by Symantec Corporation. it is about $70 , but well worth the money.
-Good Luck!
You can boot directly from the win98 cd.
It gives you an opption of booting from the CD into dos mode
with or without CD-Rom Support.
Very helpful.

As for NTFS, you can use the XP cd in just about the same way.
Hello jesshon =)

>> It is difficult for me to find Win 98 Boot Disk if I lost it.
If you lost them, then you can download them from here everytime >>
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You might want to try Partition Magic 8, it will format anything in any format.
I would have to agree with war6763. Partition Magic is the best for that sort of thing and very easy to use. I do have a question though, why are you using Windows 98? Do you have some hardware that will only work with 98? If not I would opt to go to XP or 2000. You could probably pick up an inexpensive version of 2000 since I know first hand how expensive XP is.
jesshonAuthor Commented:
Thx all experts, it seems that I have to buy partition magic 8.  I heard 2 versions, one is from PowerQuest, the other is from Norton.  Are they the same?  Which one is better?
have you heard about Ranish Partition Manager ?? It does the same job as Partition Magic and its free :)
Ranish Partition Manager >>

just wanted to let you know... 8-)
Hi jesshon,

About the Partition Magic 8, I'm not quite sure PM8 is able to format in *ANY* format, as war6763 said. It is only able to format/delete/create FAT/FAT32/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3/LSWAP partitions. It has also a master boot compatibility error, that may cause your whole PC not to boot. And last, it's quite expenssive.

The only great solution I propose, is the use of a Linux installation CD, which are completly free of charge. Mandrake is the best, it can create/delete/format *ANY* (yes, ANY) partition type you want, including NTFS and FAT32. You are even able to create a Mac OS partition on you disk.

I use Mandrake Community 10.0 CD N°1 only to manipulate all of my related partition problem. It is a bootable CD, and you won't even need to boot any other OS for it to work, just make sure you boot from the CD before you hard drive (check you BIOS boot sequence), and you will be OK.

To download it, go to and type in the search box "mandrake" (without the quotes), and check for Community (the latest version is probably 10.1). If you can't download it, then purchassing the Mandrake Commercial is good idea, instead of buy partition magic. Or, ask your friends, one of them have to have it.

It is also a chance for you, to see the world of Linux, which is very recent (2004! not as old as Win98 anymore).

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One of the best, and easy to use solutions comes once again from sysinternals. as usual.
To access almost any type of disk, to partition, format and test it, you can use Ultimate Boot CD. Download and burn onto a cdrom from here:
jesshonAuthor Commented:
Thx all experts ^_^  Your information are so useful to me.  I want to ask one more question before closing it.  Where can I get linux boot cd?  (stupid question ^^")
As I told you before, go to, and search for the linux name. For example, you want Fedora Core ? then search for fedora, and then a list of all the known mirrors will come up. If you want Mandrake, search for mandrake, ...

There you'll choose what best suited to your location. By checking the URL/Link name, you will know what you are actually downloading. All distros (distributions) almost stored in FTP sites, and the directory where the file is placed should give you a complete knowledge of what you are downloading.

Linux distributions are all bootable, so any linux would boot!

There is also those Linux on floppy, but not really complete. The ones under CDs are great, just wanted to let you know.
sorry, mispelled: it's, not
>> Where can I get linux boot cd?
you mean Knoppix >>
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