RC440BX CMOS Config Problems

Well, I tried booting up the computer and I try to get into the BIOS configuration by pressing F2 so that I can change the boot option to CD and install Windows 98 but it won't go in. It just says "Entering Setup..." and proceeds with the boot. After this, it gives me a "B: Drive Error".

Even if I change the jumper on the motherboard so that it will go into BIOS config automatically it just continues with the boot and gives me the same error. The floppy drive can still boot and I can use the Windows Startup Disk but I can't get it to boot from the HDD either. Anything that could possibly be conflicting has been removed and the BIOS has been upgraded (yes, it allowed me to do it and I didn't receive an error). If anyone has any ideas as to how to fix this, just post a reply.

Also, I read on the motherboard's manual that there is a floppy disk that can be used to re-configure BIOS when you set the jumper on the motherboard to do so, but I also tried that and no success.

Basically, all I need is to get into CMOS Setup so that I can change the boot order and get this working.
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   Have you try to pull out the motherboard battery for at least one minute and use plier or wire to connect
the + and - pole of battery seat for at least 10 second. Then put back the battery to see you can go into
CMOS setting.


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war6763Author Commented:
Yeah, I have... I've basically tried everything that you would do in this situation.  The battery has been out for a couple of days now and still nothing.
> BIOS has been upgraded (yes, it allowed me to do it and I didn't receive an error).
Is this happening right after the BIOS upgrade?

war6763Author Commented:
No, this happened before and after the upgrade. It was just done so that I could see if that would solve it.
war6763Author Commented:
The solution I found was to use a program that erases the CMOS and causes it to reste to defaults on the next reboot.  That was the solution.
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