Mandrake 10.1 Error: basesystem package not selected

Partial Linux Noob. This is probably very distro specific, so sorry to ask in a general forum.
Installing Mandrake 10.1 from CD on a Shuttle SS51G.
Mandrake apparently is the only distro that fully supports shuttle, if any others that are easy I'll listen, it's for Freevo/MythTV.

Anyway. I download the ISOs from Mandrake. Check the MD5s and they're fine. Install and it starts to go good. Setup my partitions, I take the defaults actually, pick my packages. Click the next button and I get An error has occured. basesystem package not selected.

I click ok and I go back the partition screen. Do that again and then pick all packages, same error. I pick no packages same error.

I can not get past it. I try different partitions, and other things.

I installed Debian Woody and Knoppix on it just fine, besides for video/sound/network with Debian.

I read online that this is a Mandrake thing but no fixes, and most are with old Distros. Mandrake really has no support. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried installing with the same media on another system? Are you using the 10.1 community version? Have you tried downloading 10.0 Official version and using that instead?

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undy30Author Commented:
I already found the issue. It was a bad cd. I was using the 10.1 community version.

My cd was either burned incorrectly or   had a scratch or something.

For reference to people wanting to install linux on a Shuttle (specificly for a   SS51G).  It works  perfectly. I installed Mandrake 10.1 and everything works right away.
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