forward a request to a web service

I want to be able to forward (not call) a request from Web Service A to Web Service B. Something similar to the RequestDispatcher.forward method in the serlvet api or tpforward in tuxedo. Is this possible? I cant find any info on it since there doesnt seem to be any objects or methods that provide this type of functionality in Java or WebLogic Workshop.

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I'll take a shot at the possible explanantion for this.
weblogic implementation of Webservices or any standard-based webservice do not by default support the call-forwarding feature primarily beacause:-

1. Weblogic has the implemenattion built on latest Web Services standards including SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.
2. Call forwarding may not be possible because the mechanism does not comply to the Web Services Trust Language (WS-Trust -

You can find more details on the webservice standards incorporated in weblogic webservice at:-

As per the WebService eventing standards at , you can have 'Subscription Managers' by which you can delegate the call to another Web service(basically another webservice).

Alternate solutins that i was able to find was that you can have a router for routing your SOAP requests. Basically these act like URL forward for incoming SOAP requests. In regards to this I was able to find following links that maybe useful for you:-

A. - This sample basically demonstrates on how to redirect a SOAP request to an webservice incoming to a Weblogic webservice, to another target URL.

B. Windows NT Service for providing SOAP Services : - In this case there is a 'Intermediary Support' that allows you to configure 'Next Hop URL' for the SOAP requests.

Hope this helps.

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nrmdevAuthor Commented:
hi tyags thanks for all that information it was very useful.
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