Can't process Checkbox in ASP

Here is the problem...

On firstpage.asp I have

<input name="CheckToDelete<%=i%>" type="checkbox" id="CheckToDelete<%=i%>" value="on">
in a loop that dinamicaly changes the checkbox name

On secondpage.asp I have

For i = 1 to NumVar
Redim VarChecked(i) = Request.Form("MyCheckBox" & i & "")

IF VarChecked(i) = "on" THEN
Response.Write("Checked") %><br><%
Response.Write("Unchecked") %><br><%

Why is this code completely non responsive.
What ever I do and no matter how I change the value and into what it simply remains "Unchecked"
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Ryan ChongCommented:
>>Redim VarChecked(i) = Request.Form("MyCheckBox" & i & "")
I think the syntax is wrong, and "MyCheckBox" should refer as "CheckToDelete"

Try an example like below:

      NumVar = 10
      Redim VarChecked(NumVar)
      For i = 1 to NumVar
            VarChecked(i) = Request.Form("CheckToDelete" & i & "")
            IF VarChecked(i) = "on" THEN
                  Response.Write("Checked") %><br><%
                  Response.Write("Unchecked") %><br><%
            END IF


<title>Untitled Document</title>

<form name="form1" method="POST" action="">
   <% for i = 1 to 10 %>
    <input type="checkbox" name="CheckToDelete<%=i%>" value="on">
      Checkbox 1<br>
      <% next %>
    <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit">
deliriumxxAuthor Commented:
No, the syntaks was right....
I changed it here just to explain what I need but I didn't change it all, oooops, sorry.
I am not a newbie in ASP,,, and that is all the more reason I was surprised with this thing. It has been a while since i used it in the extent I am using it now though.

Anyway I solved the problem myself. Yesterday... Now I am deleting multiple records in a few lines of code.
Apparently,,, when i asign the value to the checkbox dinamicaly (in the previous document),,, it is accepted and recognized on the page that does "request.form(key)".
Loop format is realy not an issue here. In the example above I wasn't manipulating the database so it didn't matter (and I wasn't using dymamic database values).
Here it matters.
So this works like a charm..

       i = 0
       Rs.MoveFirst() // here is a record that I need permanently perserved for something
Do While Not RS.EOF
       i = i + 1
       Redim Var(i)
      IF RS("PCode") = Request.Form("CheckBox" & i & "") THEN
            Var(i) = Request.Form("CheckBox" & i & "")
            RS_Manipulate.Execute SQLStatement
      END IF

Thank you for a good will to try :)
I sometimes post here because I get very fast responses and some great ideas come out of this form of communication.
deliriumxxAuthor Commented:
This Line also doesn't serve the purpose of the example

Var(i) = Request.Form("CheckBox" & i & "")

but I am using it in my sql statement so I need it here.
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