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Insert Bootable Disk

I have a strange situation. I am working on a friend's computer. He originally had Win98 and started getting the message to insert a bootable disk. I installed a new hard drive, added memory (not related) and installed WinXP, clean install. I still got the error. Finally, I decided to replace the motherboard battery to see if it would help. It seemed to work for several months, even though he doesn't restart his machine much. Today, he restarted and got the error. I picked up the computer and brought it home and haven't had the error after 3 or 4 startups. I did move his machine off of his power strip initially but still got the error. Could this be a power issue in his house? Thanks.
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> Could this be a power issue in his house?
If you suspect the power issue, then you can try to plug in different outlet in his house (say kitchen).

By the way, can you check the BIOS setting for "boort piority"? Make it boot from the hard disk first if it
boot from floppy first.
Second, upgarde the BIOS. Sometimes the BIOS bug cause the problem.


In the BIOS, you can revert to default settings.
But i suspect a bad contact, so swap the cables to the Harddisk (power and ide) or inspect the connections.
It could be that the dsik is dying also, so i suggest a regular backup.
It even can come from the CD drive, so try without it, or swap the cables also
angelotechsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the long delay in responding but I think we have solved the problem. It appears that it was just too dusty in the machine and was possibly causing a short. I don't have an air compressor at home but I do at work. We have one that filters the moisture from the lines and used that to blow out the case. The machine is booting fine now. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
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