Mail Delivery, Wrong Recipients

From the notes log, I can see that the mail is delivered to many recipients(these are the valid users in my company, e.g.  As these recipients open up the mail,the value in the SendTo field contains names(invalid user, e.g  other than the recipient's name.

What are the circunstances that would cause the server to send mail to users as seen in the notes log) and the value in the SendTo field contains names(invalid user, e.g  other than the recipient's name when the mail is opened up?

Users are asking why they are receiving mails not meant for them.  Why they are receiving mail meant for other domain(

We have ScanMail on our server to scan all incoming and outgoing mails.  There is only 1 server, is a simple set up.  There is no passthru, incoming, outgoing server, etc.
Please help.
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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Well, the user can also be in the CC or the BCC field.
what is this and are they your own domains ?

SPam does this all the time.  That's because SMTP has two different addressing sets per message -- the envelope headers contain a recipient list, and the message headers contain To/CC/BCC.  These do not have to match.  So, what spammers do is they often craft a generic messages for the domain containing some random To/CC/BCC listings, and then use that message with different envelope headers to actually send the message.

The mail system only uses the envelope headers for delivery -- the message headers (To/CC/BCC) are only for user display.
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jessicasycAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

1)The users are not in the CC and BCC field.

2)@xxx is my domain, yyy is not my domain.

Thanks in advance.
jessicasycAuthor Commented:

How can I see the envelope header from document properties?  Can I conclude that the envelope header contains valid users in my domain while the message header contain another set of values(users not in my domain)

Is there any articles on this which I can produce to convince my boss?

Thank you for your help.
Check SendTo, BCC, CopyTo and Principal fields from doc properties
jessicasycAuthor Commented:
Their names are not in the BCC, CopyTo, SendTo, Principal fields.

I think these are spamming.


You can't see the envelope header from document properties, because by definition, envelope headers are only used for routing and delivery, and are therefore discarded upon delivery.

What you CAN do is turn mail tracking on.  Domino will then keep a record of every message and its envelope headers (it doesn't keep the actual headers, but it des show who the destination address was).  There are also some undocumented NOTES.INI parameter that will cause Domino to record much more detailed information about the transition between SMTP arrival and transfer into the Notes routing system.

You might also try the R6 mail journalling features.  I think there's a way to keep the messaeg with the recipient list intact (essentially, the recipient list is the envelope destination address headers).

I can't really point to articles.  I'm sure I've seen some, but I don't have anything bookmarked.  If you research how spammers hide their identity -- and there are lots of articles about that -- you will find confirmation of what I've told you about the way SMTP works.

Finally, here's a nice little example you can run -- press ENTER at teh end of each line that I start with "Type:"  Note that should be replaced with the actualy Internet address you have for your company mailbox.

Start -> Run...
Wait for window to open and for Domino to give its SMTP greeting
Wait for response -- note -- the next two lines are the envlope headers (MAIL FROM/RCPT TO), and teh RCPT TO line must be your real address!!!!
Wait for positive response
Type: RCPT TO:
Wait for positive response
Type: DATA
Type: From:
Type: To: makes@something.up
Press ENTER three times
Type: Qwaletee test
Type: .
The above line has just a single period.  After pressing ENTER, you shoudl see something like "message accepted for delivery"
Type: QUIT
Close the telnet Window if it does not close by itself, and check your mail.  You should have a new message that LOOKS LIKE it came from your hotmail address (even though we put in that weird qwaletee@jessica address in the envelope header), and it gets delivered correctly, even though the visible header reflects the fake destination address of the To: make@something.up line.

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jessicasycAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all contribution.
Did you straighten it out?
jessicasycAuthor Commented:
Still trying to figure out
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