Displaying blob on jsp


I am trying to display my image that is saved inside mysql in blob format in jsp. but I can not display the picture.

in viewInventoryimage.jsp:
<%@ page import="db.*,java.sql.*" %>
String id = request.getParameter("id");
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<body bgcolor="#F0F0F0">
<form action="form1" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<table width="45" height="44" border="1">
    <td width="36"><img src="inventory_action1.jsp?action=viewImage&id=<%=id%>"></td>

in inventory_action.jsp:
else if(action.equals("viewImage"))
sql = "SELECT image_path FROM inventory WHERE id = '"+id+"'";
rs = stmt.executeQuery(sql);
response.setContentType("image/jpeg") ;
byte[] bytearray = new byte[4096];
int size=0;
InputStream sImage;
sImage = rs.getBinaryStream(4);
while((size=sImage.read(bytearray))!= -1 )

can anybody tell me wat is the error? Thank you
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A sample program for read and write of blob... see if it helps

        // Get the Blob locator and open output stream for the Blob
        Blob zipBlob = rset.getBlob(4);
        OutputStream blobOutputStream = ((oracle.sql.BLOB)zipBlob).getBinaryOutputStream();

        // Open the sample file as a stream for insertion into the Blob column
        File imgFile = new File("c:\\image.bmp");
        InputStream sampleFileStream = new FileInputStream(imgFile );

        // Buffer to hold chunks of data to being written to the Blob.
        byte[] buffer = new byte[10* 1024];

        // Read a chunk of data from the sample file input stream, and write the
        // chunk to the Blob column output stream. Repeat till file has been
        // fully read.
        int nread = 0;   // Number of bytes read
        while( (nread= sampleFileStream.read(buffer)) != -1 ) // Read from file
          blobOutputStream.write(buffer, 0, nread);         // Write to Blob

        // Close both streams

        // Open a stream to read the Blob data  
        InputStream blobStream = zipBlob.getBinaryStream();

        // Open a file stream to save the Blob data
        FileOutputStream fileOutStream = new FileOutputStream("c:\\img1.bmp");

        // buffer holding bytes to be transferred
        byte[] nbuffer = new byte[10];
        int nbytes = 0; // Number of bytes read

        // Read from the Blob data input stream, and write to the
        // file output stream  
        while((nbytes = blobStream.read(nbuffer)) != -1) //Read from Blob stream    
          fileOutStream.write(nbuffer, 0, nbytes); // Write to file stream
try shortening your buffer size to 1k and see if it fixes your problem.. I have seen in happening earlier so to avoid I always prefer to read the stream byte by byte...

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widiyantosgAuthor Commented:
ok thanks.. actually I got the solution already. Its because I get the wrong field number. hehe.. but I'll give the point anyway..Thanks
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