Win 2k system will not start after login after copying drive using Ghost v9

I've just copied a small win2k system to a larger disk.

The original configuration prior to the drive copy was 1 drive with Win 2k on it and the paging file on another physical drive.  I used Norton Ghost V9 to copy the Win 2k disk to a new larger drive.  After the copy is completed I try to start the machine with the new disk and after I supply a valid UserId and password I receive the following message...

Limited Virtual memory
Your system has no paging file, or the paging file is to small.

The size of the paging file on the old machine started out at 1.5 the times of the physical memory and should be on the second drive.

The copy completed with no errors

Does anyone have any ideas??

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Can you boot in safe mode?
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Any particular reason why you did not just take the new Bigger drive.
And do a fresh install of Win2k?

Lets look at the scenario’s here a little:

  How long has Win2k been installed on the Smaller Drive?
  If more then 6-Months, then you should consider a Reinstall.
Depending on your Computer use and habits,
It is recommended that you at least reinstall your OP (or) choose the Upgrade
Feature that is available on the CD at least 1 - 2 times a year.
Depending on how you use the system, and what type of a load that you put the system under.

  When you work in Windows or any other OP, ( Linux suppose to be more stable, but I do not
believe it, until I see actual proof, I am not sold on it )
for a long period of time, the disk(s) become fragmented, You do your Defrags on a regular bases, This keeps the system running smoothly.
Then you have issues that you might have had, When you do a Ghost (or) Mirror
Of a drive, you are not only bringing over the OP, but you are also bringing over every
little thing that is wrong with the OP.

I strongly recommend that you do a Fresh Install of the Win2k system.
like I had told my faster for over a Year, You must redo you system.
you are having all of this problems, which 80% Of them are User Error.
well, after running the system for over 3 yrs, The system finally gave up on him.
Or my Step Mother in that case, while she was working on it. (A Win98 Crap)
And the system died. They did not do know backups, and their for, lost everything.
So when my father called me up to tell me what happened,
I was asked: how can I backup the system.
Easy, take the drive out, put it in another system and backup your stuff.
This was not the case with their drive.
It was corrupted, over years of abuse, the drive needs to be formatted and a complete Fresh Install.

Be cautious and always think about the damage that you do to your system before you
Make a Ghost / Mirror of a drive.

Take Care
How did you use ghost? Did you "clone" the partition or the complete disk?

I've usually had the best experience with cloning by first creating image files of all partitions, then using those image files to create the new system.
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do a  repair install of windows 2000 and see if that helps
c7c4c7Author Commented:
jvuz - Yes, it will start in Safe Mode but with the same results

carrzkiss - 2 reasons, first there's nothing wrong with the current system.. It is stable and causes me no problems whatsoever.  Second Not all of the software is still available.  Finally the complete process from formating the disk and copying the disk takes about 3hrs..

rindi - Ghost v9 has a new feature, Copy Drive, it copy's a complete drive so that you can upgrade to a larger drive.  That's the feature I used.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
No problem [c7c4c7]
Good luck

Check if this helps:
Unable to Log on if the Boot Partition Drive Letter Has Changed
I think that copy drive feature may give yoou problems, so iif possible copy to files first and then restore from them. If yoou use the copy drive feature that often only works if both drives are very similar.
c7c4c7Author Commented:
OBda - 223188 How to Change the System/Boot Drive Letter in Windows 2000  portion of the article solved the original problem.  Appears that what the real problem is that several logical disk on the 2nd hard drive don't get mounted when the system is starting up.  One of the logical drives was the one that contained the paging file plus several programs.  

Do you have anymore of those articles that describe how to get past this portion of the problem.

That's why I suggested to make image files first. If you have the original drive connected the drive letters of that disk will probably mix up the newly cloned drive letters.
c7c4c7Author Commented:
rindi - Be patient here, cause I'm not real sure how all of this works, I'm wondering if the problem isn't because the size of the drive I'm moving to is so much larger than the old one.  We're talking about 2 phisically separate drives.  The 2nd old drive is the one that's having all of the problems.  I could understand your point if all of the partitions were on the same drive I was moving to, but they're not.

Help me understand how what your suggesting willl make a difference.

When restoring your images to the new drive make the new partitions the same same size they were before. Once it works you can always change those sizes by using a diskmanipulating software like partition magic or acronis DiskDirector to change the sizes later.

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c7c4c7Author Commented:
Finally got the drive to copy, thanks to both rindi and oBdA for the help.  The information on how to change the Boot drive letter was great.  rindi's suggestion to copy all the drives helped me to get the system configured enough to get it running again.

For some reason one of the logical drives cannot be replaced this way,  there is something about the way 2k maps the drives that is preventing a complete replacement of the drives with the way rindi suggested.

Thanks for the help
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