HP Backup Drive

I have external HP Surestore dat 40  backup drive. I am handling the daily backup using Tapeware. Shall I restore my data's to any other PC?

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Can you explain us why you would restore your data to another PC?

I don't understand your question :(
lol.. Shall you? Do you mean Can you?
If it is... Can you... then provided you have no license agreement conflicts, or you are only going to have the Tapeware program on one machine... the answer is yes.

Note, though, that if you have done a system backup, and you unarchive it, it could overwrite the system on your other machine if you are not careful causing that machine to become inoperable. Pay close attention to what you are unarchiving from the tape and where you are putting it (if that actually needs to be said).

If the question is actually... Shall you? I say... NO! Go play a good PC game instead... :)
A further note to my response... depending on the type of archives you have done to the tape... all you have to do is install Tapeware onto the machine (other programs can read the tape as well, but sometimes it is better to stay with the original archive program), and recatalogue the tape. Then you will have full access to the data on the tape.
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raja0123Author Commented:
Because my friend formatted his server (which he was connected and taking backup using external backup drive) and after installed all software when he tried to restore his data from external tape driver he could not. He tried to restore another system also but he couldn’t.

1.Why it’s happened like this?
2.We should take system state before formatting?
3.Or any other way? Please.

1. why? To answer that I would need to know any error messages that happened when restoring the data (you would have a .log file from the backup program usually that would tell you). Also, can you access the tape catalogue to see the files to select them to restore?

2. Not sure, so I wont answer this one.

3. It usually takes a special program to restore an entire system, because you cant overwrite system files that are in use. You have to actually boot up using a disk that is made for reinstalling/restoring systems that is made from your backup program. (of course, I am assuming that it is Windows related)

Keep in mind that Tapeware has problems restoring if you backup a system from NTSF and try to restore to a FAT32 drive.

What Operating system are you using?
Are you logged on as Administrator?
Is the computer the same one (with no hardware changes) as the one you backed up from?
Are you trying to do a complete system restore from a backup?
Can you answer Panjandrum's question (above)?
raja0123Author Commented:
error happend for my friend. i am using win 2000 server and HP external Backup drive. for my safety i am asking these question (sorry), becasue i am taking daily backup  using this backup tape.

can we restore the files to another PC?


Your question isnt quite complete. If you want to restore a "system state". I would say no, to that. (You can, but there is a lot of potential for problems, and I dont think that is what you are asking... so why go there)

If you want to just restore files, like document files, or archived job related files, or pictures, etc...  then yes.
If you want to restore programs the answer is also yes, but there will be registry entries, dll files, ini files, etc.. that you may not know about that need to be in the system folder, etc.. so that isnt as easy as it first looks.

More information would be helpful as any answer right now involves guessing exactly what you want to do. So, to say "yes" may actually be wrong, and I would rather "not do" something if I wasnt sure. To say "no" may also be wrong, because you may be asking to something that might be simple as well.

I dont know if this answer will help you, but until you tell us more information, that is the best I can do. Sorry.
raja0123Author Commented:

for example i have "A" and "B" system. backup drive is connected to "A" system and routine backup is going as usual. my question is:
1. can i resote  data to "B" system connecting backup drive to "B".
2. some circumstance  if i  format "A" system, after that can i restore data to "A"?

Because both option happend my frined. he couldn't get the restore from backup drive. he lossed all.

You can do both, but it takes special software to restore the A system completely (ie... restore the OS)

All you need to do is install the software on either system, recatalogue the tape, and you should have complete access to the data on the tape.

It is the recatologuing that he may have missed. The catalogues usually exist in the program in their own folder, and if you transfer those (on
some programs... I dont know if all would do this), you can access the catalogues without recataloguing the tape.

If you dont recatalogue the tape, you have no access to its internal directory, therefore, no access to the files.
raja0123Author Commented:

what is the catalogues and recatologue?
When you write files to a tape, the software saves a directory, so that you can easily access the files. That is referred to as a catalogue. If you look at the Helpfile
for your backup software, and search for catalogue, it will explain this and should identify what the file names are (filename.cat or something like that). I use Backup
Exec, and it allows me to use the catalogue files, by moving them to the new machine if I reinstall the OS, or move the tape drive, by importing the catalogue files. Your software may or may not allow this (the help file should explain).
If not, you can just put the tape in to the drive, and in the backup software, select Recatalogue, or retrieve catalogue for that tape. (If it is a spanned tape - meaning, the backup goes through 2 or more tapes - then you will probably need to have the last tape in first... to rebuild it.)

I can give you a clearer answer if this doesnt help you. Will watch for your reply.

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