EXP utility of Oracle 9i [exporting oracle 8i data by sitting on oracle 9i]

i have some data in oracle 8i ( in one server [S1] and i have oracle 9i installed in another server [S2]. I am sitting on S2 and made a tns from S2 for S1.

whenever i use exp utility from Oralce 9i [s2 server] to export the data of oracle 8i [s1 server], i failed and receive a message [ORA-02248: invalid option for ALTER SESSION]..

How can I resolve this? I heard it is not possible to export the data from upper to lower version.. Data is kept in lower version and i am exporting it from upper version's exp utility. It sounds very owkward that a user cann't export from upper to lower version.

Thanks in Advance

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There must be an associated EXP error message...whats that?
zeeshanamjAuthor Commented:
The associated error messages and what I do is as follow:


Export: Release - Production on Wed Nov 24 11:42:38 2004

Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Username: nntn/newn@center

EXP-00056: ORACLE error 2248 encountered
ORA-02248: invalid option for ALTER SESSION
EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

Its very urgent and important .. I will be grateful , if i could get the response @ the earliest.

NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
Use the 8i version of exp on your S2 machine to export 8i database data.
The 9i exp obviously uses SESSION options not available on 8i.

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Run the export from S1, move the .dmp file, then run the import on S2.

The 9i EXP utility needs views and session variables which don't exist in 8.1.x.  This is pretty similar to what Nievergelt said, it's just he had the servers mixed up ;)

NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
Sorry Jer, you misunderstood.

You can install multiple version of Oracle on the same machine.

By installing version 8i on S2 (maybe even just copying the exp executable will work), you can do what I proposed without having to move the dump.

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True, I didn't even think of installing multiple Oracle homes because you need an older OS to work with Oracle 8.1.5 (even Win2k won't work), so I just assumed that moving the dmp was the easiest way to go.  I wouldn't recommend using multiple homes anyway, as the way it gets set up (adding paths and such) can mess up scripts and utilities.  Probably the easiest thing is to run a renamed copy of the 8.1.5 export on S2 as Nievergelt suggested.  
try by copying the 8i's EXP.exe file to your local machine then run it.

If you are still facing this problem, it will help if you answer these 2 questions :

1. I presume you can you connect to the 8i user (of which you want to do the export ) from the 9i machine in sql.  How do you connect i.e. what username,password,connect string

2. Did you try connecting as system and do the exp. You can always import it by again connecting as system and using the FROMUSER and TOUSER clause.
zeeshanamjAuthor Commented:
Yes sapnam..

1. I connect to 8i user by giving the username made in 8i and its password with the connect string. This Connect string work when I connect it through SQL or forms.

2. I have also tried by sys and system. I tried it by giving fromuser touser clause, but everything is of no use.

Should I presume that I can't take a dump/backup (of 8i) by sitting on machine (having 9i).
If you have access to Metalink, refer Metalink Note 132904.1 on the subject 'Compatibility Matrix for Export & Import Between Different Oracle Versions'.

The summary of the Note is

1. Export the data with the Export utility of the lowest database version     involved.   Always use a version of the EXPORT utility that is equal to the    lowest version of either the source or the target database.
2. Import the data with the Import utility of the target database.  

I am not sure whether Experts Exchange Rules allow us to publish Metalink Notes.  If they do, I can post that Note for you
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