how do i avoid the 'inaccessible boot device' error when i upgrade my array to bigger disks - Help!

Hi, first sorry for my poor english.

My original configuration of my server have a set of two 40 gigs ide hard disks mounted on a promise Raid (Mirror mode), with Windows 2000 server installed on it. The system is very stable, and works without problems since a couple of years.

I want to upgrade my hard disks because I run in low disk space. I just buyed two identical 120 gigs hard disks to replace my two 40 gigs. I stopped my server and replaced one of my 40 gigs with a 120 gigs, and rebuilt my array without any error. After the successful message, I stopped my server again, and replaced my second 40 gigs with my second and unused 120 gigs drive, and rebuilt my array again to make a mirror of my first 120 gigs drive. After the successful message, I rebooted my server. Windows 2000 starts to load and suddenly - bang! A blue screen with the mention "***STOP 0x0000007B

I also tried a recent version of symantec Ghost enterprise instead of using the raid's utility to test if it was not the problem, but this try was not successful : No problem with the imaging process, but when I reboot with my new hard drives, the same error message appears. When I reinstall my old 40 gigs HD's , no problem at all, all works fine.

My server's configuration :

Intel Board with Dual Intel Xeon 2.2 gig
Ram : 1 gig DDR266
Promise ATA Raid
2 ATA HD's mounted in RAID-1 (Mirror Mode)
1 Floppy
1 CD-Rom

Please help me. I dont want to start over with a clean install because it's a web server with a lot of domains on it. I serched different solutions on the web, and I don't find anything that it can help me.

Thanks for your help.
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After rebuilding your first array (with the 40 & 120 Gig disks) did you try booting the system with just the 120 drive installed? If you can get your system to boot with just this one disk, do a thorough chkdsk, as well as defrag before rebuilding the new array. It may also be a good idea to disable your pagefile before rebuilding any array.

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FRANCISWURTZAuthor Commented:
K. I will test it this night. I can't shutdown at Daytime. Anyone have another suggestion?
No chance, same Problem ;-(
FRANCISWURTZAuthor Commented:
OOps I didn't solved my problem and accepted Rindi's Answer. I will re-open the question
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