ORA-12571: TNS packet writer failure

Hi everyone, ive developed a fleet tracking software using VB6 and Oracle 9i. Ill give u a brief desc of how the software works. Each vehicle is fitted with a firm wear which gives its position every 5 minutes to our main server. The server then sends this information to the customers via their username and password. The software then picks up this information, places the vehicle on the map and then stores the details in the oracle database which is always held locally on the PC. Thats the gist of it. The problem im having is anytime the cable that connects the PC to the internet is removed, the software crashes with the above error message. Ive stepped throught the code and it errors when i try to create a recordset using data from the oracle database while the cable has been disconnected. But if i try runing the same SQL statement in SQLplus while the same cable has been disconnected, it works fine. Any ideas as to why this is happening?  
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NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
If you catch the error and retry the recordset creation after the cable is connected, does the error still occur?
Could you post the section of code in question?

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oagunbiadeAuthor Commented:
If i retry the recordset creation after the cable is connected, the error still occurs. But ive found a way round this. Because the error generates a unique code, i recreate the connection any time the error is generated and this works fine. Thanks anyways.
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