Windows 2000 Domain SP4 50% utilization

I have a problem with a AD domain and two domain controllers. I believe it is related to AD replication. After a short(4+
hours) period of time one of the domain contollers runs at 50% CPU and requires a reboot. OS: Win2k with SP4.

The problem initially began last Thursday when the SYSVOL environment disappeared off one of the servers. I have eventlogs pertaining to this and will add more details to this question.

Current status: the servers are being rebooted constantly to allow user login. Any suggestions, questions or pointers would be most helpful.

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What service is utilizing all the CPU power??? Do you see any events within the Event Viewer (if this is indeed replication problem, it should create events in event viewer)...
15moorgateAuthor Commented:

Image Name: System, PID=8. This is the process that is using CPU. There are no further events logged since last week. I have logged this call on behalf of a collegue. He will provide me with the original Event that was logged last week. Let me know if I can provide any more details. Thanks.
Yes, please do.. If you don't have any events that show you why these problems occur, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.. This can be a lot of things, from a disrupted Windows version till a hardware problem... Did you know what happened just before this problem occured??? And maybe some events .. ;)

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Windows 2000

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