printing multiple seperate web pages from one button

Currently, I am trying to create a way to print several seperate web pages by hitting one button. I know that the button is probably going to have to make each page print to a pdf, store that file somewhere, and then combine them into a master pdf and print that. I don't know how to do this though. I am hoping there will be an easier way or that at least some coding help for the first solution.
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You can use HTMLDOC [] to convert HTML to PDF.

If you still need to concatenate the files after that, you can use one of these:


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You need some type of serverside script (asp, jsp, php) to do this efficiently. It is very easy to do using any one of them.

When the print button is clicked, goto the asp/jsp/php page, within the code of the page make calls to all the pages you want to print and grab their html. You can then generate a html dynamically by combining all those pages via string concatenation then invoke a javascript print method to print automatically.

If you know which of serverside language(php/asp/jsp) you are using, i can provide with actual code examples. Or you can ask in their respective sections.

I am not sure what you mean by converting to pdf and back, that seems very silly just for printing multiple html. Unless your question was you want to convert multiple html to pdf.

 Or if you mean just to print multiple html pages for yourself locally, then just view source and paste all the code into 1 big text file, delete the extra <html><head<body> tags, save as html, open in browser, and print :P
officerhandsomeAuthor Commented:
The website that we have uses ASP.
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