Running from a 'copy' harddisk containing Linux

Hi there,

My Linux PC has recently crashes and I have to move the harddisk -- containing the Linux OS -- to another PC, and try to restart it again. Before I installed the harddisk on another PC, I had made a backup, copy of the harddisk using the application 'Drive Image'.

When I start the PC with the original harddisk, the Linux recognized the hardware differences and it runs perfectly; but not the copy.

When I try to start the PC using the copy, I only get '>Li'. I guess it is from LILO. I don't understand much about MBR, but I think it has to do with MBR.

My question is, how can I start my PC using the 'copy' harddisk?

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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The various windows drive image products don't have a stellar reputation when dealing with Linux systems. In this case it has at least messed up the MBR, but the damage could be worse. To attempt a repair of your copy you'll need to boot int rescue mode from a  CD and reinstall the boot loader. Assuming this is the first IDE drive and that partition 1 contains Linux the process would look something like:

# mkdir /mnt/sys
# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/sys
# chroot /mnt/sys
# lilo -v
This is a problem with lilo and diskimaging software. One reason why I always try to install Grub.
You could try booting with a knoppix CD and then installing Grub by hand from there.
has a good manual in which installing Grub (or Lilo) is explained. Knoppix by the way has  Partimage
included in it's package. You can use this to create backup image files of linux partitions. If you restore
a partimage file later just make sure you restore it to a partition of the same size as the original partition.
jlevie gave you the answer, below just give you some more info about how to recover the LILO :)
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