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set javascript cookies using server timestamp


   I want to assign server's time calculated using php  as expiration date for javascript cookie.
  I have timestamp in php which i want to use to set expiration date of javacsript cookies...but javascript cookie is not taking that timestamp...I would like to set cookie for 1 day ...but requirement is if user login at Tue  Nov 22 17.45.33  UTC so my cookie's expiration date should be Wed Nov 23 00.00.00 UTC ..means exact 1 day but not 24 hrs..It shoud set to 00.00.00 clock time  of next day.

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1 Solution
Get your timestamp in php using strtotime("+1 Day");


$var = strtotime("+1 Day");
echo date("m d Y H:i:s", $var);

Outputs: 11 25 2004 00:00:00

You should then just be able to write that timestamp in your JS code, eg:

<script langauge="JavaScript">
var stamp = <?php echo strtotime("+1 Day"); ?>


Although i have to wonder why you are using JS to set the cookie, i seem to recall the client side code to set a cookie is quite lengthy comparred to the signle line with PHP.
You can set cookies via php like to the desired expire-time like this:

$expire = mktime(0,0,0, date('m'), date('d') +1, date('Y'));
foreach ($_COOKIE as $n => $v) {
    setcookie($n, $v, $expire);
If you need it in the specific format of Wed Nov 23 00.00.00 UTC rather then just a timestamp you could use:
<?php echo date("D M d H.i.s \U\TC",strtotime("+1 Day")); ?> which outputs: Wed Nov 24 00.00.00 UTC

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