Hard Drive Partitioned

Hello there,
My boss has her laptops harddrive partitioned into a C: and a D:. I have backed up all the data on the D: but now I want to get rid of the D: and allocate the space to the C:

Can anyone help me please.
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partition magic
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:

 A few questions before you to that.

#1:  How big is the Hard Drive?
       If it is over 20Gigs, then you should not, especially on a Laptop.
       Combine both these Partitions together.
Here, read this Reply that I made on this post.

In a laptop, you are looking at creating major problems if the Hard Drive is a HUGE

Partition Magick = This program scatters all contents of the drive.
I myself, would not recomend this program to anyone.
Yes people have had success with the program, that is the reason why it is still around.
But, that is my opinion.

If you want to Partition drives, that deal with the C:\ Drive (Root Drive)
Then reload the system, and partition there.


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Markst33Author Commented:
to Carrzkiss,

The HD is only 6gigs in size. I don't mind if I have to re-install the O/S as I have everything backed up
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Do a fresh Install, This will save you from any problems in the future.
Expecially from programs that do the Partitions for you in Runtime.
They do cause some very adverse behaviour in the long run.

Take Care, and glad to know that my information on this article and the other
Article was usful information for you.

Take Care
Markst33Author Commented:
If I re-install win2K will I not end up with the same 2 partitions after its finished
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
When you reinstall win2k do the following:

Reboot with CDRom Support.
The system will loads all the drivers and components to support the Win2k Installation.
After this is done, You will view the Licence agreement press [F8] to Agree.
Then it will ask you if you want to:

Choose [Install] Windows now.
Next Screen
Choose Drive to Install Windows Into:
You will have a choice of [C] & [D]

Choose [C] Drive and hit the
[D] <-- this will Delete the Partition
Next Screen press [L]

Repeat the same steps for the [D] Drive.

Then after you have succesfully deleted both Partitions.
You will have a single Drive "Unpartitioned space   6000 MB "
Highlight the "Unpartitioned Drive"
Hit your [C] Key.
On the next screen, leave the "Number #" Default.
And hit [Enter]

This will create the C:\ Drive for you, as the entire 6Gig Drive.
(minus the system write area's on the drive, which should be like 50mb or less)

Highlight the Newly Created Drive, and choose to "Install" Windows 2k on that drive.
On the next screen, You have the option to format either "Fat (or) NTFS"
NTFS = NT Kernal Filing System
Security, Stability.
Fat = This should never be used for a NT System.
But it is prefrence on what you want to use.

NTFS is all that I use in all our servers here at CFF.

After choosing the "File Format"
The system will Format and srite system data to the new drive.
Then Reboot.
And let the system load Win2k.
If you are able to get into BIOS and set the [First Boot] Option.
And you set it to Boot from CD.
Then after Formating the Drive, it will state:
Your computer will Reboot in 15-Seconds.

After this Reboot, go back into BIOS and set the [First Boot] Option.
To "HDD"
This way you can leave the CD in the Drive, during the remainder of the Installation.

If you are unable to go into BIOS and set the [First Boot] Option.
And the system boots from CDRom Automatically.
Then just simply remove the CD during the "Reboot" and then insert the CD
Back, after you see the "Win2k Logo" Appear.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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