Switching between OS 9.1 and X - email question

I have an iMac which dual-boots to OS 9.1 and OS X. I am trying to set up my email to work on OS X but I keep getting the message that my mailbox is 'locked on host/localhost' and that the contents will be damaged if I open it - so I can only open it as 'read-only'. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions how I can work around it? Thanks!
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What email program do you use under OSX? Mail.app, outlook express, entourage, eudora?  What version of OSX?
clareturpinAuthor Commented:
It's the Mail software that comes with OS X, and it's 10.0.4. (In OS 9.1 I'm using Outlook Express.)
10.0.4?  Ouch!.. :)

I suggest you to run only one email program at a time.  If you're running Outlook Express under 9.1, then you use the same program under OSX (which will run it under classic).  OSX 10.0.x's Mail is not that good.

You got the error msg, might be because :
1.  Did you run Outlook Express  at the same time as you're trying to run Mail?  If so, you can't do that, as Outlook Express might be 'talking' with the mail server and it locks your mailbox @ the mail server.

2. The permissions on your OSX are messed up, and you need to fix it.
Unfortunately the Disk Utility that came with osx 10.0 doesn't do Permission Repair.  
Official from Apple is that you need to update to 10.1.5 in order to be able to use Apple Repair Previlege program (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106712)
You might want to try MacPilot (http://www.koingosw.com/products/mac_pilot.shtml).  It will repair permission, but I can't find on its page, what is the minimum OSX requirement.
Anybody here know a way to repair permission under 10.0?


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clareturpinAuthor Commented:
That's v helpful. Thanks!

I'm definitely not running Outlook Express at the same time as Mail.

Would it work if I downloaded a version of Outlook Express for OS X to use? Classic doesn't work for me - crashes the whole time. And when I open OE in Classic it just shuts straight down again.


I don't think there's no OE for OSX. (http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx )

On one hand, in my opinion, OSX 10.0 is practically un-useable (as it's buggy, slow, etc, etc).  Is there a reason why you use OSX 10.0?  I suggest you stick with OS9.2 OR you upgrade, at least, to Jaguar (OSX 10.2) if you need to use OSX.  (btw, how old is your iMac?)
clareturpinAuthor Commented:
It's true: I hardly use OS X on this machine because it's hopeless! I have Panther on my back-up Mac (even though it's a less powerful machine) and want to upgrade to Panther and to 9.2 on the one I mainly use. Tried upgrading to 9.2 and ran into all sorts of error messages re shrink wrap or something! ... Must get a Mac pro in to help and get it sorted.

My iMac is an indigo, slot-loading, 500 mhz, 20 Gb one, bought in 2001.

Yes, I would recommend to just forget about 10.0.

Is your OE keep "unexpectedly quit" in OS9.1?

If your mac is heavily used (since 2001) and never do any 'maintenance', it might be the time to do spring cleaning.

The quick and dirty way is to BACKUP every data you have in that Mac, and then reinstall OS9.1 with 'clean install' option.  Right after that, you apply the 9.2 upgrade.  Then you reinstall all your application.  The most hardest parts would be to import your email to your 'new' OE.  (sometimes it will goes smoothly, sometimes you have to assist the OE to locate your old mails).

If you're uncomfortable to do that, you can ask a Mac pro.  (Still, you have to backup, backup, backup).

Your iMac will run Panther decently, or better if it has more than 256MB of RAM.

Thanks for accepting an answer.  Hope that you can sort out the problem. :)
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