WiFi access point or bridge URGENT

I'm a little confused, I'm planing on using two access point to let laptops access the wired network, but  sudenly the term "bridge" came along.

Wich of the two is the appropiated equipment?

The actual setup

A large wired network ~1000 nodes on a 10 story building WITHOUT a server, yes I know, but it's outside my reach to change it.
Trying to provide wireless access on only three adyacent floors.  Network is divided in several subnetworks and internet access is through an other bulding 4 miles away using, i think, four T1 connections between buildings.

Probably by march next year a complete recabling and installation of server services will be done.

Security most likely will be by filtering MAC`s address.
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see if this sheds some light on the subject

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If you're looking to provide access to wireless laptops, you would use access points in the network to provide that access.  

Wireless bridges are generally used to provide network links between facilities or buildings. In your case specifically, if you have (generally speaking) line-of-sight between the two buildings you describe, you could use a pair of wireless bridges to connect between the two, and would no longer need the T1 links.
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