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I would like to test an up to date security template for Windows 2000. The security template should transform standard Workstation security to high security windows 2000 and XP workstations. I would need an .inf template to import to a group policy. Does anyone know where to get this?

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Normally, i would say try to create a new GPO and make sure all security settings are placed inthere (if you need to have your own specified security template) and if you have a domain. If these machines are single machines, you can create a security template using the Local Security Policy, then export this file into an .inf file and import these files into the other 2000 machines.

There are also precreated templates, not quite sure if this is what you are lokking for though..
Tacobell2000Author Commented:

And thanks for the reply. Yes i would need a precreated security templates. I've tried the .inf in the windows 2000 server cd and i would like to know if there are other ones (more recent) that i can find elsewhere such as I've searched the technet website and i cannot seem to find them (security templates).



For as far as i know, the only once that exist and are precreated are on the Windows 2000 cd and 2003 cd (the hisecws.inf files and stuff), maybe someone created extra files upon those that Microsoft created, although i wouldn't add something like that to my servers, you never know what you are going to implement...

So my good guess is that your best option is to create  one manually that perfectly suites your needs and export it into your own .inf file and use this file for further maintenance...
Have a look at these as they may be of some help:
Implementing Common Desktop Management Scenarios with the Group Policy Management Console (The scenarios are well worth a look)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Security Configuration Guide (Entire Document 12 pages)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Security Configuration Guide
Appendix F - Windows 2000 Security Configuration Templates for the Evaluated Configuration

Deb :))

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Tacobell2000Author Commented:
right on
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