Easy switch between premium and basic on OWA?

I am running Exchange Server 2003 on W2000 Server - the premium OWA from outside has been so slow that I have set ForceCLientDown in the registry so as to force the basic interface.  Is there a way to give the use this choice at authentication time?  From reading E-E, I see that using SSL gives that option, but because of speed problems, we hesitate to add any further protocols.  Can I leave it without SSL and still provide this choice?

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The only way you can get the option is via SSL. SSL gives you access to Forms Based Authentication which in turn gives you the option of selecting which client to use.

Furthermore I wouldn't dream of implementing OWA on the Internet without SSL as it leaves you sending usernames and passwords in the clear.

dvanakenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer - it's what I half expected - is there a link to a set of steps that will walk me through the SSl setup?  I guess I should give it a try before I count it out.
Go to FreeSSL.com. Not only can you get a free trial certificate for 30 days, they also have a white paper on how to request and enter the certificate. It is for Windows 2000 but the process is almost identical.


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