Hiding the mouse cursor

I did a search on this, but don't think I found what I was looking for.

Using VC++ 6.0, what is the mose appropriate way to hide the mouse cursor? I found one thread that would move the pointer off screen to the lower right, but wouldn't that keep the actual mouse location there? Note, I do not want to disable the mouse, or otherwise affect the  WM_MOUSEMOVE and associated message paramaters that represent the mouse location, the user will still be using the mouse, but I am capturing the movement, and rather than showing a cursor, drawing a graphical cross-hair overlay on the screen (not a cursor per say) that follows it, so I need to simply make the system mouse cursor invisible, but affect it in no other way. The overlay stuff is all working, so I just need to make the system cursor invisible (and of course be able to turn it back on as well :)

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What about using

ShowCursor(FALSE); // hide


ShowCursor(TRUE); // show again

PMH4514Author Commented:

simple enough! I thought I'd have to use DirectX or replace it with a transparent empty bitmap or something.



Create empty cursor in the project resources. This cursor should contain only transparent background. Load this cursor using LoadCursor function:
HCURSOR hInvisibleCursor = AfxGetApp()->LoadCursor(IDC_CURSOR_INVISIBLE);

Overwrite OnSetCursor function. Of you want to make cursor invisible, call SetCursor(hInvisibleCursor) and return TRUE. If you want to show standard cursor, call base class function:
return CWnd::OnSetCursor(pWnd, nHitTest, message);

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PMH4514Author Commented:
ShowCursor(FALSE) makes it disappear, but ShowCursor(TRUE) doesn't seem to bring it back.

You need to 'balance' the calls, i.e. if you called this API twice using FALSE, you need to call it twice using TRUE.
PMH4514Author Commented:
>> You need to 'balance' the calls
Ahh.. I see.

AlexFM's solution worked perfectly.

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