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Modify a files properties such as Title, subject, Author

I have a large number of folders and files that my code loops through checking that a file is in the right folder and that it follows a particular naming convention.
There are about 70 000 files.  I would like to be able to modify a file's property - like its revison number - so that when looping through - the program can check this number and then just skip over the file if it is a certain value.  By file's properties, I mean those you can see if you right click on a file and choose properties - and then the summary tab - you see describtion, title, author etc and there is an 'advanced' button to see more advanced properties such as origin.revsionnumber).
If you have any idea how I can assess these properties to read and write to them I will be very thankful.  
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David LeeCommented:
You can read and manipulate the properties of MSOffice files/documents using DSOFILE.  Other file types aren't as easy.  There isn't a standardized way of handling the properties of each.

David LeeCommented:
vinnyd79 is a faster typist than I am. :)
sbwhotmailAuthor Commented:
Thank you both so very much.
BlueDevilfan - your answer actually got me going as I am doing the work in Microsoft access in VBA - so the link to the scripting center really helped.
Than you

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