seemlessly mapping printer in XP

I used the following lines to map a user to a shared printer on NT4
net use lpt1 /d
:: delete incase wrong printer exists
net use lpt1 \\srvprnt\Accts05

the user is now on XP and when the batch file runs (it is in all users startup) it prompts her for a username and password.
is there a way to map those printers seemlessly like in NT (without having to make the user an admin user or having to place the admin username and password in the batch file?

i presently use a workaround by using a scheduled job that calls the batch file

kindly assit if possible
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Is this NT4 computer a server or a workstation?  Are you in a domain or a workgroup?  

If you are in a workgroup then you need to enable the guest account on the NT4 computer and assign it permissions to the printer.  Then you should be able to map the printer without an account or password (or have it use the guest account like this):

net use lpt1 \\srvprnt\Accts05 /user:guest

Another option would be to ensure a user account exists on the NT4 machine that matches the account used on the XP machine.  This includes the password.

If you are in a domain environment and both machines are members of the domain, your problem is most likely a permissions problem.  Make sure the XP user has access to the printer.

Please post back if you need more help.

lf_lakeAuthor Commented:
i'm sorry I should have been more specific  

I am in a domain (NT)

I know the problem is permission but it cannot be overcome unless I use  an admin account and password to run the batch file.
The user can access the printer via group permissions other.  the user can run the batch file if she moves to an NT machine and other admin users (using XP) can run the batch file so i know it is XP specifically.

hope that helps
Is the NT4 print server also a domain controller?  In any case, what happens if you enable the guest account and give it print priviledges.  Can the XP machine map it now?  This is just for the sake of testing...

I seem to remember running across something like this before.  I'll do some more digging and post again if I find something.

Ah ha!  Check this thread out:

It is long but has all the info you need.  Looks like XP just doesn't like you redirecting a local port when not an admin.  NT4 let you get away with this.


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