Setting Priority in Outlook mail from Notes

Hi Guys

I have a notes app that is a workflow.

There is a field named Priority
It has 2 choices Normal and High

When it is set to High I would like to see the red exlamation point indicating an urgent request in the exchange inbox else nothing.
This is something that used to work and someone removed somewhere along the way
I just wanted to clarify one thing…
When I say "it was working one time", the code was using MAPI (which I don't have much understanding for),
not regular Notes .send method. There was a problem with the previous method when we implemented XP
where a warning message comes up from Outlook saying something like "Someone is trying to send an email
on behalf of you. Are you sure you want it to do it..?". That was the reason why we had to re-write it.
I'm not 100% sure if it's do-able with .send method. You may need so
Here is the scipt I have where it should be

Sub ApprovalCycle(ApprovalAction As String)

Select Case ApprovalAction
Case "SetUp"
uidoc.EditMode = True
If AllMandatoryFieldsAreFilled Then
Call ws.DialogBox( "Approval Cycle Setup" , True , True , False , False , False , False , "Select Approvers for this Move Sheet" )
Call uidoc.refresh ' to recalculate compute for display fields.
Call uidoc.refreshhideformulas
Exit Sub
End If
Case "Start"
Call StartApprovalCycle("Serial")
Case "Approve"
Call Approve("")
Case "ApproveWithComments"
Call Approve("WithComments")
Case Else
Call Reject
End Select

End Sub



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The field for indicating importance is Importance.  if you have uidoc.DOcument.Importance = "1" then you should get the red flag.
imjameswAuthor Commented:
Does Importance have to be a field on the form or is strictly setting an Outlook setting
Importance is a field in Notes that has to be contained on the document that the router receives for routing.  The SMTP engine can convert this into a standard SMTP message header, which the Exchange server will convert back into the equivalent Exchange field value; or, the Outlook client, when reading POP/IMAP mail, will recognize the header when it reads it from the mail server.

So, if you set the Notes field in the document before you send that doucment, it shoudl work.

You can also see this for yourself by sending a regular message form your Notes client to the Outlook address.  Go into delivery options, and set Importance to High.  When you send the message, it shoudl arrive in Outlook flagged.

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