VB.NET, COM+, CRM's, and two phase commit

I want to add transactional functionality to an automated extract file loader I am building.  I have built CRM's for the FileSystem, and I believe that SQL and DTS already support this.  To add my service to COM+, is it as simple as saying TransactionOption.Required at the top of the class?  If I call multiple CRM's in the class, are they all convered under the Transaction?  For instance, if I move a file via a FSO CRM, and update the database through the DTS Com interop object, and then call ContextUtil.Abort, will both rollback?
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You need to inherit your class from System.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent as well. Then I normally place Transaction(TransactionOption.Required) as an attribute at the top of the class, and I generally specify the COM+ application details in the AssemblyInfo file as:

[assembly: ApplicationName("<<app name>>")]
[assembly: ApplicationID("<<app guid>>")]

Personally, I find the quickest way to generate a GUID to use is SELECT NEWID() in SQL Server, but there are other methods of course. Both the class files and the AssemblyInfo file will need a reference:

Imports System.EnterpriseServices

You might also want to check out the AutoCopmleteAttribute class - you can flag your methods with the [AutoComplete] attribute to have them automatically determine transaction outcome based on the detection of any errors.

In answer to your question about both rolling back, it rather depends on how good your CRM is for the FileSystem. In theory, yes. I'd suggest trying it and seeing.

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platinumbayAuthor Commented:
Does application name point to the Application I am build, or a COM+ application?  Do I need to pre-create the COM+ application first?  Should the GUID point to the GUID of the COM+ application?
Name and GUID are for the COM+ application. You don't need to pre-create it.
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platinumbayAuthor Commented:
Sweet!  Last question.  Being in COM+ using CMRs and having the Transaction attributes in the code, is it true XA compliance?
Never looked into compliance - don't know.
platinumbayAuthor Commented:
Post your first response to the other question to get your points.
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