new graphic not showing up in OWA...

I was customizing the look of OWA 2003 and I made a new graphic to replace the logo2.gif one in the 'Theme 0' folder (/exchsrvr/exchweb/themes). However, now when OWA opens up you will just see the red x because it can't seem to display the logo.
The new logo that I made is the same size, bg color, everything. All I've done is change the graphic.
Is there a certain amount of time that I have to wait before the graphic will show up, because I have had the graphic working, but it was on another theme (theme1). The same thing happened before it started working on that theme, but I'm not a big fan of green so I want the graphic to work with Theme0.
Even a reboot doesn't seem to help. It just doesn't seem to show up if I have the reg. 'DefaultTheme=0'.

Anyone know a way around this problem?
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Copy the one that worked on Theme1 to Theme0 and see if that graphic actually works.


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wlandymoreAuthor Commented:
Tried that....doesn't work on Theme0. The graphic seems to work on Theme1 but not on Theme0 for some reason. It will only seem to display the Microsoft Outlook Web Access graphic.
Because the style sheet on Theme1 has about 500 colors in it (some using a hex value, others using words - 'blue', 'green') it makes it tough to hunt through and find the settings that would need to be changed to make it blue like the other one.
I tried copying the whole Theme0 over Theme1 and this worked, but it left a green strip along the reading pain. If all the values were in hex I could easily go through and find the one that needs changing, but they're not.
That's why I would like a way to enable the Theme0 and have the graphic work.
wlandymoreAuthor Commented:
problem solved....I guess.....
I copied the old version of the folder back in there, then I copied the file back again, went into the registry and enabled another theme (Theme3), waited for it to take effect, then went back to the registry and enabled the old one (Theme0), waited for it to take effect before I tried logging on, etc. and it seems to have worked.
I did this before though and I had no luck. I'm not sure why it took this time.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
cool...congrats :)
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