exporting formatted data from crystal 9 to text file

I have Crystal Report 9 and am having difficulty in exporting data the way that I want to a text file.

My data as shown in CR9:

Part            Formatted Field
1234          00000100
1234A        00000100
12345A      00000200

Export to simple text file
What text file shows:

Part           Field
1234          00000100
1234A         00000100
12345A         00000100

You see how the second field is "shifted" over? I want the text file to show exactly what crystal shows. I am not too familiar with the text formatting of CR9. Maybe there is a way to format the first field to be width-specific. I can do this in Access no problem, but we are starting to use CR more and more.

I am sure that this is extremely simple, but I can't to locate the right wording to use the help files.
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You need to choose a fixed width font rather than a proportional font.  That should solve most of the problem.

mperez1216Author Commented:
How do I know which font is "fixed-width". I've tried Arial and Courier New. Both yield same results.
mperez1216Author Commented:
Okay. I've got a riddle for you.

Why, when I open Notepad to display the exported file AND the font is Arial, the columns are not aligned properly THEN I change the font to Courier New and BOOM, everything lines up!?

I know you instructed me to use a fixed-width font in Crystal, but I didn't think that Notepad needs to same font. Also, if I DIDN'T change the font in Notepad and instead open a command prompt to open the file, the columns are aligned properly.
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Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
To which type of 'text' are you exporting?  CSV, Text, Paginated Text?  I had a client for whom every single report (hundreds) had to be exported to paginated text in order to be accepted by their document archiving solution.  Following are steps that my team took in order for the reports to be formatted correctly:

A)  Eliminate all margins - they are irrelevent to text exporting
B)  Use either Courier or Lucida Console fonts, size 10
    1)  Eliminate all special formatting (bolds, underlines, etc...), since they won't export to text.
C)  Eliminate all unnecessary vertical and horizontal spacing.
    1)  Since you're now using a fixed-width font, you can size the the actual field to the max width of the field
    2)  Use formulas to ensure that each field has a consistent width.  Example, use a formula to pad a field with extra spaces if it is less than the max number of allowed characters.
    3)  Use 'Fit Section'
D)  When you export the report, export using 12 Char per inch.


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mperez1216Author Commented:
I accepted both answers as far as the selected font and I understood the steps 1-2 from rhinok. Have to look into use 'Fit Section', though. Additional question, to export using 12 CPI, do I change the font size on the Crystal Report? I don't seem to locate any other reference as far as CPI except that which you see on the report.
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
When you export to text or paginated text, you should see an option to specify characters per inch.  If you don't, then you may need to add or change  registry settings:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Decisions\9.0\Crystal Reports\Export\TextExport\CharPerInch (REG_DWORD with a Hex value of C)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Decisions\9.0\Crystal Reports\Export\TextExport\PromptAgain (REG_DWORD with a Hex value of 1)

Glad i could help

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