what's the difference between Citrix and VMware?

My guess is that VMWare makes virtual machines. Citrix then runs on the virtual machines that are created. But...

What is the implication of "Virtual Machine"?

For example, if I have two virtual machines on one server,

1) They don't share any memory? (This is a question)
2) They don't share any disk space? (Or maybe just the operating system portion - each virtual machine has a protected area that the other machines can't access)
3) They are completely isolated from one another?
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rfr1tzAuthor Commented:
I guess I should add "Can you use VMWare without Citrix? That might clarify something in my mind.
VM Ware is a virtulization program that allows you to consolidate your servers....  Citrix is a terminal server program.. I have VM GSX server running on 1 of my windows servers..  I have it configured so that each machine is truly seperate from others and the host OS that's running them...  You have a choice on how you want to configure your VM's...  You don't need to have Citrix running...  you can use TS or Citrix...
rfr1tzAuthor Commented:
One clarification - you have to use either TS or Citrix?

But what is the function of VMWare? What is the benefit? "Each machine is truly separate from the others"? What does that mean? How could each machine not be separate? Seems like "two machines - separate" is the default?
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The function of VMWare is to consolidate multi servers on one server so you could have 5 webservers consolidated as 5 webservers on 1 VM server freeing up 4 hardware boxes for other things...  The benefit of this is save big dollars for corps on hardware..    
"Each machine is truly separate from the others"? What does that mean? That when you install your VM's you have the option to set them up with virtual HD drives or share the host's hard drive ( advanced users option )...  I left all the defaults when I installed mine..  But that's works for me..  You can create as many virtual drives as you need.. You can have 1 physical HDD in your server and each VM can have 3 virtual drives if needed..  same with NIC's and other hardware... each machine isn't dependent on another machine except the host server hosting the VM... but remember that the more VM's your running the more processor and memory will be consumed..  so you best have a beefy machine...

Why would you want each machine not to be seperate?  What are you looking to achieve?

You don't have to use either citrix or TS... why do you think that you need to use them?  Are you looking to do something specific that requires..
Yeah, what is your use?  Citrix is an "add-on" to TS to state it simply...but it sounds like you're shooting at two different stars here.  VMWare & Citrix are in no way similar.
Vmware is a tool which allows you to run further operating systems inside a running operating system. For instance lets say you have a box with windows XP installed and running. You can now install vmware on this box. Now inside vmware you can run an installation of windows 2003 server. This installation goes to a large imagefile. After the installetion you can bootup this windows 2003 server while your host windows XP is running. In this way you can also install other OS'2 like Linux etc. This system lets you test other OS'e without having the need of another dedicated box.

TS on the other hand is A server running on a dedicated Box. You could log on to that server as different users locally, but because there is only one monitor, keyboard and mouse on that server, only one person will be able to work on that server at one time. With TS you can use a workstation connected to this server to emulate the server's display, mouse and keyboard. If you start up a programm, it actually starts on that server and not on your PC. That way a lot of people can work directly on the server at the same time. It is a similar situation like you have with mainframes. There you have one central Computer and many dumb terminals attached. Every terminal works on that central Computer.

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